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How to Stop Music or Video After a Certain Amount of Time on iPod

People’s taste vary depending upon their standard of living. Some people like to sleep listening to music whereas some people listen to music while driving. In some case, specially for the ones who like to listen to music before going to sleep, it is desirable to make the music app stop after a certain amount of time. Unable to manage, auto turn off settings, may result into low battery warnings. This may be the most annoying thing for someone listening to music when he wakes up in the morning. In this article we will explain how to stop music after a certain amount of time on iPod app in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

How to Stop Music or Video After a Certain Amount of Time on iPod app in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch:

You can surely set your iPod app to automatically stop the music after certain time period just follow the steps below to understand step by step.

  • First you need to open Clock app located at your Home Screen.


  • Now select the timer.


  • Here you will find the timer that needs to be adjusted.
  • Just scroll the timer through the minutes and hours to set the amount of time you want your iPod app to play the music.
  • Now tap on the When Timer Ends.
  • Now scroll down the screen to see Sleep iPod.


  • Tap on Set button at the top right corner of screen.
  • Now, tap on Start to start the timer.


  • Now, just open the Music app as you normally do and sit back and relax.
  • As soon as the countdown timer runs down, the Music app will be automatically stopped.

With such a brilliant and magnificent feature of iPod, you cannot just save your time but also your battery consumption to serve your needs until the next day ends.

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How To Control Mac OSX With Siri

We have come across a lot of amazing and startling  stuff in the artificial intelligence domain especially in the smartphone world right after the launch of Apple’s iPhone 4S and its astonishing digital personal assistant Siri. Siri has not just changed the way we interact with Search Engines but has also re-defined our interactions with devices. In case you have had thoughts about controlling your Mac with Siri, you dont have to think about that anymore. In this article we will explain how to control Mac OSX with Siri.

How To Control Mac OSX With Siri:

The iTeleport app for iPhone 4S now lets you open any application by voice using Siri. But this is not where the magic lies, iTeleport is a VNC application for iPhone 4S that lets you to open any application on your Mac by voice. So in order to launch an application on your Mac, you would just have to give that command to Siri on your iPhone.

When iTeleport is mounted on iPhone 4S,  just say “Launch [insert app name]” in order to open a Mac app remotely. When the iOS keyboard comes up, the mic icon is available for iPhone 4S owners in order to dictate Siri. So the command that you have given to Siri would be smartly identified by iTeleport to launch that app on the Mac instead of just pasting the dictated speech into the text field.

iTeleport also supports the Apple’s latest Mac OS X Lion so users can perform actions on their desktop, while on move. It must be an excellent utility for users who want the luxury to connect with their workstation machines while doing some other work. iTeleport uses Google’s Talk protocol to authenticate and join devices, so you don’t have to be on the same home network to manage your Mac from the iPhone.

After testing the feature, MacStories concluded that the method works relatively well. Siri is able to recognize most of the application names and hence Siri looked as if it performed the job pretty well.

How to Enable Private Browsing in iPhone And iPad on iOS 5 with Safari

Since, iOS 5 has recently been introduced, you can now utilize a built-in feature to enable private browsing on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch with Safari web browser. This feature enables you to surf the web without saving the cookies, cache files, login details, searches and browsing history on the system. So, no hassle of deleting the offline temporary files any more.

How to Enable Private Browsing in iPhone And iPad on iOS 5 with Safari

  • First you need to tap on “Settings” and then navigate to “Safari” and tap it.
  • Under the “Privacy” head. Slide the button in front of “Private Browsing” so that it may turn the switch to “ON”.
  • You can also tweak this feature of Safari web browser by adjusting the cookie behavior in the same menu.
  • You may turn the switch to “OFF” if any time you think you need to change the settings back to normal browsing.

If you do online shopping or surf some secure websites and you do not want others to know what you are doing, this is the great handy feature which may not just protect your privacy but also ensures theft of your personal information. This feature, when enabled, has no harm to any user interference and proves to be a protected and secure way to browse the web.

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How to Unlock iPhone 4S Using an iOS 5 Bug

If you want to have an unlocked iPhone, you can either buy one directly from Apple or you can make a request to Sprint and Verizon which may take 90 days to unlock your network. But most conveniently you can unlock the iPhone 4S (GSM SIM) on iOS 5 yourself. This is possible because of an inbuilt bug in iOS 5 and a couple of other reasons through which iPhone 4S handles EDGE network.

You need following things to unlock your iPhone 4S:

  • iPhone (4S) with activated GSM network (AT&T Model is used as an example)
  • AT&T SIM card
  • T-Mobile Micro SIM card

Collect all these things and step forward to unlock your iPhone 4S. The unlocking procedure may contain some tripping process of your iOS 5.

How to Unlock iPhone 4S Using an iOS 5 Bug:

Following is the step by step procedure to unlock iPhone 4S using an iOS 5 bug.

Caution: You may do following steps at your own risk.

  • First you need to insert the original SIM Card of AT&T into iPhone 4S.
  • Dial 611 and let the phone call connect to the customer service hotline and disconnect the call after a while.
  • Now turn Airplane Mode on.
  • Remove the AT&T SIM card.
  • Insert the other T-Mobile SIM card.
  • Now make sure that your WIFI device is turned OFF (Do click on “Forget This Network” so as to make sure it does not connect automatically)
  • Now Turn the Airplane Mode OFF so that the iPhone may look for available GSM networks. This may show a splash screen to perform the action.
  • You may now see a message “Activation Required”.
  • Notice that your EDGE connection will automatically be activated and you can see the “E” sign at the top bar of the screen.
  • Wait here for approx 30-40 seconds and turn the iPhone off.
  • Now, turn the iPhone ON and repeat the previous steps till you are at the “Activation Required” screen.
  • This time you may notice the signal bar.
  • As soon as you see one signal bar, just select Use Cellular Connection.
  • Remove SIM card
  • Once again you will see the “Activation Required” message.
  • Now insert the SIM card again and there you go!
  • This time it will UNLOCK your iPhone 4S to GSM network.

Many iPhone users have found success through this unlocking method. You might need to repeat these steps several times in order to unlock but most probably iPhone 4S will be unlocked in the first go.

It seems that this bug may is present in iOS 5 for sometime now, but for some reasons it has not been widely exposed to the public and most probably could be removed soon.

You can also watch the following video to better understand the steps listed above.

The recent updates regarding this bug are positive. Please leave a comment about your problems or issues while unlocking your iPhone 4S using this method because in order to state definite results, users response is very important.

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Top 3 Disappointing Siri Features

Apple’s novel AI technology-Siri is emerging as the most extensively illustrious venture launch by iPhone. The unprecedented features offered by Siri are absolutely unquestionable. No matter you adore it or abhor it, you can’t deny the unparallel services accessible via Siri. Apple will definitely push Siri as far as possible, to tap into a ton of popular apps, and eventually being adept to do just about anything. But currently Siri is just a shadow of what it could eventually become. In this article we will discuss the top 3 disappointing Siri features.

Sometime the obsessed voice recognizer, overlook or dangle your directives.  Such malfunction of Siri occurred frequently if you are in rowdy vicinity. What to do if you are struck in a traffic jam and Siri loops back to miscommunication and misinterpretation? It’s a total bummer to say the least. Isn’t that annoying?

Top 3 Disappointing Siri Features:

1. Fails to launch Apps:

Siri fails to perform a task that should be one of its essential utility i.e. launching applications. If you want to load up and scroll through pages of apps by using your voice, Siri will not be able to abet you and will confer you a confused response. Probably it is omission on behalf of Apple. Third party app developers are now trying to integrate Siri to their apps, but this integration is not native at the moment, which means that in a reading app you cant ask Siri to turn the page and move on to the next page for you.

2. Always server reliant:

Losing signals or connectivity results in “no Siri”, this really sucks. When you are out and about, your network connection, in general, is roughest. The connection dependent Siri is unable to offer its services while you are on move. As the iPhone’s remember my most frequently used commands, I could use Siri to start playing music even if I have weak signal or my iPhone is in airplane mode.

3. A Puzzling statement “Siri an iPhone 4S Exclusive”:

Siri is a software app that does the majority of its work server-side, so it’s not exclusive to the 4S because of hardware limitations. Probably Apple doesn’t have adequate server capacity or maybe it was just an additional hype for the 4S.

Technically Siri is in beta, but it’s a gigantic footstep in the Artificial Intelligence technology, and to meet the privileged demands of public it is anticipated that some impressive competition must be exposed by Apple in near future.

Do let us know if you have other disappointments with Siri.

How To Restore Recently Closed Tabs on iPad in iOS 5

You might be curious about some features that your computer offers but not your iPad. Yet, in iOS 5, Apple has introduced a new magnificent update of restoring recently closed tabs. Now you can restore recently closed tabs on iPad in iOS 5. Since, browsing through various tabs is a marvelous feature that you may find in your iPad, it makes your iPad to be used in multiple ways. You cannot just open multiple tabs in your Safari Web browser but you can also close them simultaneously. This featured update of iOS 5 has made it possible to restore even those tab which you have closed accidentally.

How To Restore Recently Closed Tabs on iPad in iOS 5:

Following is the procedure to open recently closed tab in iOS 5:

  • First of all open Safari web browser.
  • Right below the toolbar you may see a + sign at the right side of the screen.
  • It will open a new tab if you tap this button whereas, keep holding your finger on this + sign.
  • A new box will open up showing you the list of recently closed tabs.
  • You may scroll down further to see more closed tabs if you have recently closed more than 5 tabs.
  • Now, you may tap on the list item to reopen/restore the closed tab.

And with these iOS 5 tips, you have your recently closed tabs restored.

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How to Enable Native FaceTime Over 3G on iPhone or iPad Running iOS 5

When Apple was planning to launch its latest iPhone in the fall, there were rumors that with this new release users would be allowed to make FaceTime calls over 3G. Currently FaceTime calls can only be made over WiFi. However, to the dismay of a lot of users the native FaceTime calling over 3G was not to be offered even with the new iPhone 4S.

However, the reality is that Apple has actually developed the feature and has included it in iOS 5. But they do not consider it ready enough to be released to the public, so have kept it hidden for the time being. If you cant wait for the next iteration of iOS 5 or the launch of iPhone 5 to get your hands onto this feature you can simply follow this guide to enable native FaceTime over 3G on iPhone running iOS 5.

How to Enable Native FaceTime Over 3G on iPhone Running iOS 5:

In order to enable native FaceTime Over 3G on iOS 5 you can go through the following instructions.

Step One

You have to Jailbreak your iOS in order to perform this hack. You can find here about how to Jailbreak your iOS 5.

Step Two

First launch the Cydia app from your SpringBoard.

Step Three

Tap on sections located at the bottom of the screen.

Step Four

Tap on “System” in the list under the sections.


Step Five

Tap on iFile from the packages listed under the System.

Step Six

Tap on the install button located at the top of this screen, to proceed. You can also choose another option i.e., free trial if you don’t like to purchase this app.

Step Seven

Now, tap on Confirm button so that Cydia may start the installation process.

Step Eight

After the successful installation a button “Return to Cydia” would appear. Tap on it !


Step Nine

Now, once you get back to Cydia interface, press the  “Home Button” of iPhone. Now, open iFile.

Step Ten

Now scroll to navigate to the following folder


Step Eleven

Now, choose N90AP.plist listed among the files (You need to carefully watch the file names for this). Now, select “Text Viewer” from the next menu.

Step Twelve

Now, tap on “Edit” button located at the top left side of the screen.

Step Thirteen

Now, just add the following code carefully under the <capabilities> and <dict> tag :

Now tap on Save button. You can view the screenshot below to better understand the location where to put the code exactly.

Step Fourteen

Now, you are all done with enabling native FaceTime over 3G on iOS 5. Make sure to boot your device now and most importantly boot tethered if you have to.

Please provide feedback to let us know your response about this post.

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Top 10 Ways to Use Siri

Sometimes you are too lazy to send text message, make phone call or reschedule your meetings. When you feel like doing nothing, talk to Siri, your wish is its command.  Siri lets you use your voice to manage your meetings, phone calls and other cellular activities. Can’t get enough of Siri? Here are a few hidden Siri tricks that will surely blow your mind.

Top 10 Ways to Use Siri:

  1. Check your schedule: Siri not only keeps a record of appointments but can also tell you about monthly scheduled activities. Just say ‘Siri, what do I have scheduled for the month of September?’ and there you are, Siri will reply back by showing all appointments that you have scheduled between 1-30 September.
  2. Turn off your alarm: While you enjoy God of War III on a homely weekend, Tell Siri to delete all your alarms and clear everything.
  3. Search stuff at Wolfram Alpha: Ever wondered how many calories are in an apple? What is the time zone of France? How many days until Easter? Since Siri is connected to Wolfram Alpha, an active search engine, it has answers to such random questions. Isn’t it amazing? You can ask anything you wish and Siri has an answer to it.
  4. Look up color swatches: Siri can also be used to look up hex color values. All you need to do is ask Siri “Wolfram pound sign E 87987” and Siri will display a swatch showing the color on the screen.
  5. Ask Math Questions: Wolfram Alpha is a very powerful tool to get help with math problems. Since Siri is seamlessly integrated with Wolfram Alpha, you can ask Siri any math question and it will query Wolfram Alpha for answers and will then feed you those answers. With Siri in your pocket you dont need a calculator any longer.
  6. Articulate Punctuation: Practicing grammar has never been so much fun With Siri you can also check your grammatical and punctuation mistakes. Siri takes dictation and allows you to add all kinds of punctuations to your sentence.
  7. Talk symbols: You will be surprised to know that Siri not only understands punctuations but also knows a ton of symbols. Oh yes, Siri understands when you say dollar sign, percent sign or pound sign.
  8. Check Sports scores: Too busy to check in score of your favorite team? Say ‘Yahoo [teamname] score’, and Siri will open up Mobile Safari to show you the scores of your team and current news about it from Yahoo’s sports page.
  9. Search movies near you: Plan a movie ahead of your time with the coolest feature of Siri. Ask Siri to “[movie name] showtimes” and it will show you the list of timings and theaters showing that movie near you. Thanks to Siri your date planning can become plainly simple.
  10. Enjoy: ‘Take a photo’, ‘who’s your daddy’? ‘What’s the meaning of life’? Ask this to Siri when you’re in a circle of friends and the rest will be fun. Siri respond smartly to such dumb questions and you can have a really great time while asking these questions.

No wonder this artificial smart app, is one of the most amazing features of iphone 4S. Happy Talking!

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How to Setup Over The Air Sync in iPhone or iPad on iOS 5

If you have iOS 5 installed on your Apple device, you must have heard of the wireless syncing feature. It is one of the most attractive iOS 5 features and you should give it a try. With iOS 5 you can even connect your Apple device with iTunes wirelessly. iOS 5 has recently been released and it can be downloaded at iOS Dev Center

Watch the video embedded below to know how to setup over the air sync in iPhone or iPad on iOS 5:

Do let us know about what you think of over the air syncing feature in iOS 5 in the comments below.

How to Password Protect Apps on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Using Locktopus

Your personal information like contacts, emails, messages and social networking account information is just protected behind a sliding button in iPhone or iPad. This personal information could be bare to others even if you have enabled your default security system on your iOS device. The default security system could be easily broken by a single hijacking method that every new hacker might have known. As far as the vulnerability is concerned, you should not only consider outside interference but should also protect your iOS device from those who live along with you i.e., your friends and mates. The default security of Apple iOS has got little but no security measures for its users to protect data and personal information.

So in order to protect your personal information from such interference you must take necessary steps not because it is essential but its worth it. Locktopus, a new Cydia App, is specifically designed to protect all your information that you want to keep confidential from others. Locktopus allows you to password protect your iOS applications directly from the SpringBoard interface. It protects your applications using a master password and gives access to only those who know the master password. Ultimately it provides you the best of the security measure that are available for iOS.


Locktopus Compatibility:

How to Lock Apps on iPhone and iPod Touch?

In order to appropriately know about how to use Locktopus Cydia App to password protect apps on iPhone and iPod Touch you may watch the below video.

Regarding this application you may help us finding the better way on how to use it efficiently by posting your comment below.

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