An Overview of Tethered, Semitethered And Untethered Jailbreak

Many users are still confused about untethered and tethered jailbreak. Most do not know about the difference between both jailbreaks and why tethered jailbreak is not recommended by experts.

The problem with tethered jailbreak is booting. After tethered Jailbreak, your iPhone in most cases will keep rebooting again and again. Many users want to know why this happens with tethered Jailbreak.

If all these issues about tethered and untethered Jailbreak are bothering you and you want to learn about these different Jailbreak methods, keep reading this article for answers.

There are typically three types of Jailbreaks, untethered, semi tethered and tethered Jailbreaks. Details about all tree types are as follows

Untethered Jailbreak

The most used and most common type of jailbreak is untethered. Experts recommend this method as it creates no consequences for your device. With the help of untethered Jailbreak, you can easily jailbreak your device and can run tweaks and apps of Cydia. There will be no rebooting problem and you can reboot your device at your will.

Semitethered Jailbreak

If untethered Jailbreak is not available, you may go for semitethered Jailbreak as it allows you to reboot your device with little consequences. These consequences may include limitations to run any Cydia Jailbreak apps and some apps can become inaccessible like safari. It is basically a tethered Jailbreak but with an additional package that allows limited use with the reboot. This is why semitethered Jailbreak is considered as better jailbreak than tethered jailbreak but still not as good as untethered. If you want to regain full functionality of your device, you may need to apply tethered boot to your Jailbroken (using semitethered Jailbreak) device.

Tethered Jailbreak

If you use tethered Jailbreak, you may face multiple problems with your device. It is highly recommended to not use this method for Jailbreak. You need to do a tethered boot every time you want to reboot your device, and you need a computer for doing that every single time. Your device may become useless if it reboots and you are unable to access your computer.

You may also watch the short video below elaborating the difference between Unthethered, Semithethered and Thethered jailbreaks.

If you feel something is missing or want to contribute to discussion on Jailbreak methods, feel free to comment below.

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