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How to Show the Likes on Tumblr Posts

Tumblr likes are a testimonial of how many users liked your posts. Having a post with a lot of likes gives you bragging rights on the post. In this article we will explain how to show the likes on Tumblr Posts. In order to get this done all you need to do is add some code in your html theme. Such counters for likes are also known as notes.

There is no need to get confused since your likes will not be shown on Tumblelogs of other people. It only aims to show the number of likes you get for your own posts. Most of the Tumblr themes don’t contain the code, so you might need to add it there. Notes is the other name for Likes and reblog counter but note here that they should not be mixed with likes or reblog buttons.

How to Show the Likes on Tumblr Posts

Steps to make the number of likes on your Tumblr posts visible:

  1. Click on Customize, select Theme and then Custom HTML.Customize TumblrEdit Tumblr Html
  2. Add the code given below to display the number of likes, make sure that it lies within the closing tags of the next tags: {block:Text}, {block:Photo}, {block:Photoset}, {block:Quote}, {block:Link}, {block:Chat}, {block:Answer}, {block:Video}, {block:Audio}.  These are the tags that display each post type.

{/block:NoteCount}Customize Tumble Html

  1. You can see how we have inserted the code in the image above to get a hint about what to do.
  2. Once you have inserted the code in your theme, Click to save and then close it.

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How To Use Photos in Text Posts on Tumblr

Tumblr provides two ways to get the images, pictures and photos inserted in your text posts. The pictures can always be modified, aligned in center and you can also adjust their size to get them displayed in a proper way in your dashboard. The following tutorial is going to show the possible differences between getting a picture posted on Tumblr and any other site. It will also teach you to change the image size, reduce it if it’s too large and link it to where you want to.

How To Use Photos in Text Posts on Tumblr

Steps to upload the photos to the Tumblr Text Posts

  1. With a theme having proper tags, click on Customize, then select Advanced and enable the ‘Enable High-Res Photos’ option.Customize TumblrAdvance Settings Tumblr
  2. The post allows you to enlarge the image only upto the width of the Tumblr post. Otherwise this results in the breakdown of the theme.
  3. Whenever you will upload an image in a Tumblr post, it is automatically resized according to the post width. You can get it hosted somewhere else if you want the original size to be displayed. Such can be done at websites like Image shack etc. The original size of the photo can still be retained at Tumblr through a Photo post.
  4. You can get the image posted on both Tumblr and the hosting site. This will help you to get the image displayed in the Tumblr Text Post as well as on the other site in its original size.
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How to Create a Customized Background for Tumblr Dashboard

Firefox and Chrome users can install an addon which is enabled by the third party scripts and apps. This addon helps to change and customize the background of Tumblr’s Dashboard. With this customization, the user can select from a variety of backgrounds and images in different colors. (This is not the same as a blog theme, so don’t get confused). Now Tumblr users can switch from the old blueish dashboard and get rid of the monotony. This addon is available for Chrome and Firefox, but not for IE.

How to Create a Customized Background for Tumblr Dashboard

Firefox Users

  1. Click here and get the Greasemonkey script installed. Click to restart the browser.GreaseMonkey
  2. Once installed, you would be able to see the Greasemonkey icon in your browser’s tool bar on the top-right.greasemonkey installed
  3. Now click here, and then select the customized Tumblr dashboard.
  4. After getting into the personalized Tumblr Dashboard Theme, click on the link saying that greasemonkey users can ‘install this as a script’ appearing on the right side.Firework Dash Background
  5. Click on the Greasemonkey button in the Firefox toolbar and then select Manage Userscripts. Here you will have to select the same that has been installed earlier.Manage User Script
  6. Now take a look at your Tumblr Dashboard and it will be displaying the new customized background.

Chrome Users

  1. Follow the same steps given above. But instead of looking for the script in Tools, go to extensions and proceed further.

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How to Find Post Links on Tumblr Dashboard

This tutorial is of help to those who have been spending a lot of time in the useless search of links or permanent links on their Tumblr Dashboard for some particular post and still face the disappointment of not being able to find them there.

A new user usually finds it difficult to look for the direct link, also known as the permalinks to posts on the jam-packed Tumblr Dashboard. Not to worry anymore since the feature is always there but one can only spot it after hovering your cursor over it.

How to Find Post Links on Tumblr Dashboard

  1. Go to the post for which you need the link. Hover the cursor on the top right side. It will get visible so just click on the icon and you will be directed to post’s page.

tumblr post permanent link

tumblr post permanent link page

That was easy wasn’t it. Do have a look at other useful Tumblr tips and tricks to make your Tumblr experience more worthwhile.

How to Enable MultiTasking Gestures in iOS 5 for iPad 1

Even after iOS5, the first generation iPad still did not get the multitasking gestures or display mirroring in the proper official way. We now have a version of Redsnow which unlocks these features without the use of jailbreak. In this article we will explain how to enable multitasking gestures in iOS 5 for iPad 1.

Multi-Tasking Gestures on iOS 5 in iPad

How to Enable MultiTasking Gestures in iOS 5 for iPad 1

Warning: The following instructions apply to iPad1 only. Both the features, i.e., gestures and mirroring are already present in iPad 2, so it doesn’t need any changes. However it is advised that before you proceed with the process; create a backup of your iPad so that if something goes wrong your data stays safe. Here is how to do it:

  1. Modified version of Redsnow with the tweaked payload is available online, download it: For MacFor windows.
  2. Get the iPad connected to the computer.
  3. Turn the iPad off now.
  4. After launching Redsnow select ‘Jailbreak’. The process of jailbreak will not start unless you follow the steps.
  5. Put your iPad into DFU mode after tagging along the instructions coming on screen.
  6. Uncheck the box titled ‘Install Cydia’ and this will prevent the jailbreak to load and will only enable multitasking.
  7. Check the box, ‘Enable Multitask Gesture’.
  8. Complete the process and click ‘Next’. Now reboot your iPad.
  9. When the iPad restarts, go to the ‘Settings’ and tap the ‘General’ tab. Here look for the tab ‘Multitasking Gestures’ and make sure that it is turned On.
Multi-Tasking Gestures on iOS 5 in iPad

The best way to make sure that you have successfully managed the settings, pinch with four fingers after turning it on.

Gestures in Multitasking:

With the use of four or five fingers, the user can:

  1. Get to the Home Screen after pinching which is very much similar to pinching from OS X Lion to its Launchpad.
  2. Show the apps running in the multitasking bar by swiping.
  3. You can swipe either way, left or right, between the open applications.

via OSXDaily

How to Get The Best Out of iBooks

If you are a book lover and constantly seek some way to get hold of the latest issues, then iBook is definitely a wonderful way to buy and read the books easily. This App is absolutely free and you can browse through the entire collection and all different genres of books ranging from classics to the best sellers right from the iBooks store. In this article we will explain how to get the best out of iBooks.

How to find the books

You can start by downloading some of the free books on iBooks. The iBooks store has different categories such as featured, top-selling, the New York Times Best-Seller, within which you can browse by Author, topic or title. In case you like the book’s title and need to know a little more about it, click on the cover and it will open up its description. You can read book reviews and can write one of your own.

How to download the Books

iBook Guide

Make sure that you also have an iTunes account. After you make the purchase of the book, it will be displayed on the bookshelf of the iBooks App. Click on it and get started with the reading. There is no need to make a bookmark or remember the exact page where you left the book while reading it since the app will automatically keep the record of the last page you were reading. The app offers various other display options to make your reading easy. It even carries the option to continue reading while there is less light available.

How to make the purchase of the books

After you make the selection of the book that you want to buy, make the transaction and download it to your iPad. Some of the books are free too. Start by selecting the book of your own choice, tap on the price and then continue by tapping Buy Now. Sign into your iTunes account and then tap OK. You will be charged against this transaction on your iTunes account. You can download the book by tapping on the list of purchases and search for the book that you want to download. Tap on the download button to get it on your iPad. iTunes automatically gets synchronized while you download the book. If you sync your iPad with your computer the book will automatically be transferred to your computer. This also acts as a form of backup in case you accidentally delete the book off your iPad.

How to have A Book Read To You

iBook Guide

 iPad comes with a wonderful feature of Voice Over that assists the visually impaired in having the book read to them. Using this option the iPad will read a book aloud to you. But there are still some books that are not compatible with Voice Over. In order to get a book read to you, read the instructions listed in this article.

How to Sync your Books

iTunes can be used to sync books to your iPad. After connecting your iPad, the Books Pane will allow you to select the books that you would want to sync. This can also include the books which you have downloaded via the iBookstore. The books can also be downloaded in ePub format from various websites only if they are DRM-free. They can also be sited on your iPad to be read. If you want to add an ePub book, simply download the book on your computer and add it to your iTunes library. Get the iPad connected to your computer, choose all the books that you would like to sync in the Books pane in Tunes and then sync your iPad.

How to Read Books

After getting your selected book on your iPad, tap to open it. If you want to get to the next page, flick or tap near the edge of the page, this works on both sides, forwards or backwards. iBooks will automatically keep the record of the page you were last reading of that particular book even if you exit the book after finishing the reading for the day. In case you want to skip ahead to a different page in the book, tap in the middle of the current page. This will bring up the controls appearing at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the screen and drag your finger by scrolling downwards to the desired page number or chapter where you want to go and then let go of the tap.


iBook Guide

Tapping at the centre of the page will show you the controls, and from here you can also go back to the table of contents. Right from here you can freely tap on the section of the book where you want to go. There is also an option of Resume that will continue the reading from the same page you left.
Though it automatically records the page where you last left your reading but it still enables you to set bookmarks to the page.  In order to do this, tap on the page, hold on to let the options appear and then select the option bookmark. In case you want to remove the bookmark, tap to hold the bookmarked word and again tap delete. There is also a screen rotation lock button that assists you to read while lying down. This will prevent the constant switching from landscape to portrait every time you move.
I hope you would have liked this tutorial, but in any case do let us know about your comments.

How to Use WiFi Personal Hotspot in iPhone

Apple allows you to share your iPhone Wi-Fi connection with at most 5 devices at a time. The process is simple and you can easily use Wi-Fi personal hotspot on your iPhone. The following tutorial is equally effective for new and experienced users of iPhone. Keep reading to learn about using Wi-Fi personal hotspot on your device.

How to Use WiFi Personal Hotspot in iPhone

  • Go to Settings >Personal Hotspot.

iPhone Personal Hotspot

  • If it is ‘Off’, toggle it to ‘On’.

iPhone Personal Hotspot

  • In case your Wi-Fi is disabled at that time, a popup will ask you to enable your Wi-Fi first.
  • The next window will ask you to set password and come up with your default Wi-Fi password. You can either select your default password for Wi-Fi or you can choose a new password for Wi-Fi hotspot.

iPhone Personal Hotspot

  • After setting up an appropriate password, go to your Windows or Mac PC and select the Wi-Fi that is showing your device.
  • The next screen will ask you a password. Enter the password that you set in the previous step.
  • Soon, you will notice that a blue bar has appeared on your iPhone that enables you to check the number of devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

iPhone Personal Hotspot

This is it!! You are done with setting a Wi-Fi personal hotspot for your device. Let us know about your feedback in the comments below!

How to Manually Start an iCloud Backup

icloud backup

If you have recently upgraded your device to iOS 5, you must be using iCloud for your backup. Apple allows you to manually trigger an iCloud backup by following a simple process as described in this article. Even though iCloud creates automatic backups for your device when you are connected to Wi-Fi, Apple also allows you to create backups on iCloud manually in case you want to create a backup in emergency.

How to Manually Start an iCloud Backup

Follow the simple steps as given below to create a manual backup on iCloud.

1. Go to Settings > iCloud.icloud backup
2. The new screen will show you a list of the services you are currently syncing with iCloud.icloud backup
3. You can find a button “Storage & Backup” at the bottom of your screen. Click on the button to proceed further.icloud backup
4. Inside the backup section, you can find a button at the bottom labeled “Back up Now”. You can click on the button whenever you are ready to create a backup on iCloud.icloud backup
5. The good thing with creating a backup on iCloud is that it will not affect your device performance and you can continue working with your device while iCloud creates a backup silently at the backend.

Another advantage of using iCloud with your iOS 5 devices is that if you buy any app, eBook or music from iPhone, it will save a backup of the purchase item on iCloud for free.

Let us know about your experience with iCloud and use the comments section below to provide us with feedback of our tutorials!


How to Set Custom App Icons on iPhone or iPad

Custom App Icon iPhone

Many users are not satisfied with the app icons on their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. They look for ways that can help them changing or customizing these app icons that irritate them. If you are one of such person, this article will guide you about the way that can help you to create your own custom app icons on your device. For this, you must have a Jailbreak device with Winterboard installed on it.

As you may have already known, Winterboard is a great tool that helps you in customizing appearance of your iPad or iPhone in many ways that also includes customizing your icons. You can use these custom items on your device without replacing the actual image files and can use Winterboard to turn them on and off occasionally. Most of the apps icons (Apps that are purchased from App store) are changed automatically whenever you install a new theme. Some iOS apps like Settings, Photos, Compass etc needs to be manually skinned as they do not change with the new theme automatically. Similarly, all Jailbreak apps are not automatically skinned with the change in theme, and you may need to learn to change their icons on your own.

To customize app icons on your device, you need Winterboard and SSH on your device. It is also good to have iFile and SBSettings before starting but they are not mandatory.

How to Create your Theme

  1. You need to access: /private/var/stash/Themes first.
  2.  Create a new folder there with a name ‘Custom Icons theme’.Custom App Icon iPhone
  3. Create another folder inside the Custom Icons folder. Give it a name ‘Bundles’. This folder will be used to put all your icons that need to be skinned so that Winterboard can get access to all at same place.Custom App Icon iPhone

Icons to Skin

The first thing you may need to do before skinning your icons is to find those icons on your device that were not automatically themed and needs to be customized manually.

For this, you need to use SBSettings. Go to SBSettings > More.

Custom App Icon iPhone

  1. You can find a button “App Folders” at the bottom of your screen, tap on it.
  2. From the list of apps available, click on the app you want to skin. Mark down the name of the folder.Custom App Icon iPhone
  3. Now, you can use either SSH browser or iFile to go to the location of the app you marked down in last step.
  4. After getting access to the right folder, open the folder where you will find another folder with name of the app and ‘.app’ at the end. Open the folder to proceed further.Custom App Icon iPhone
  5. Now, search for the file info.plist and opent it. Search for a line named “CFBundleIdentifier” and the string that should be right under the first line. The string must contain the name of bundle that you need to mark down. The name should look like ‘’. This is actually a name for the new folder you are trying to make.Custom App Icon iPhone
  6. Similarly, within the same folder, you can find the icon of the app you are looking to replace. The file must be in a number of formats and you have to follow trial and error method until you find the right one. The file must be like icon.png or icon@2x.png etc.
  7. Now, get back to your custom folder that must look like Icons.theme/Bundles folder. Make a new folder within this folder with the name you find in the string in last step. Now, put your icon in this newly created folder. With both icon name and the bundle name marked down, you can now proceed further to create a customized icon.

How to Make Icons

  1. You may be creating icons for the device with a retina display or for a device with a non-retina display. For retina display devices, you can create icons with 118×120. For non-retina display, you can make icons with 59×60. You can use different graphic software to create your icons like Adobe Photoshop.Angry Bird
  2. After creating an icon, the next step is labeling of your icon just like the original icon you are trying to customize. Make sure that the icon is case sensitive.
  3. Now, you can put the icon in your bundle folder that you created.Custom App Icon iPhone

How to Set Custom App Icons on iPhone or iPad

  1. Launch Winterboard on your device. Your custom theme icon must be above all other themes in your Winterboard listing and must be checked. Themes can override each other that is why it is important to keep the theme at the top that you want to use.
  2. Get back to your device as it will respring. Your skinned icon will now appear on your screen with new theme. If the app does not appear on your screen, recheck all the steps mentioned in this tutorial to see if they were all properly followed.

Let us know about your feedback in the comments below!!

How to Organize Reminders Lists in iOS 5

If you have recently upgraded your iPhone or iPad to iOS 5, you may have noticed a new reminder app that comes with iOS 5 software. Creating a reminder list in the new reminder app can keep your life more organized. We will guide you about using the reminder app and how to create new list in your app in this article. The new reminder app in iOS 5 will automatically sync all your iOS devices as soon as you create a new reminder list.

 How to Organize Reminders Lists in iOS 5

Follow the steps as mentioned below to create a new reminder list in your app.

Reminders List in iOS 5

  1. Go to Reminders app from where you can open a list button that is at the top left corner of your screen. The button is with three white lines and is very easy to find on your screen.Reminders List in iOS 5
  2. The next screen will show you all of your already created lists. You have an option to delete from the lists or create a new list by clicking ‘Edit’ button at the top right corner of your screen.
  3. If you choose to create a new list, click on the button ‘Create New List’. You have to enter the name of the new list you are creating and click ‘Done’ to complete the process. The app also allows you to move your items up and down according to your requirements.Reminders List in iOS 5
  4. Once you are done with creating a new reminder list, you can now tap on any reminder from the list. As soon as you will tap on a reminder, it will show a button ‘Show More’. You can tap it now.Reminders List in iOS 5
  5. You are now able to categorize all your reminders in list view. This is very helpful and convenient for you when you need to sort you reminder lists.

There is no limit for you to create reminders. You can add as many as you want in the new reminder app in iOS 5. As soon as your device syncs your reminders with Mac, you can also see your reminders in different colors that make it easier for you to sort them. It will not only sync your reminders with Mac, but all other iOS devices in your use to make things more convenient for you.

Let us know about your experience with iOS 5 reminder app and provide us your feedback about our tutorials in the comments below!!

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