How to Save Photo Stream Photos in a Folder on Mac OS X


Photo Stream is an amazing feature of the iCloud.  It allows users to instantly access their photos on all of their iDevices. Similarly the same photos could also be accessed on your Mac. However, on Macs you would have to access Photo Stream via iPhoto. Some users dont like this a lot. It would have been better, if photos on the Mac could have been better to access the photos in some folder on the Mac instead of going through the iPhoto each time. In this article we will explain how to save Photo Stream photos in a folder on Mac OS X.

How to Save Photo Stream Photos in a Folder on Mac OS X

Some Mac users have shared a script in the Macworld forums that copies your Photo Stream photos into a folder on your computer’s hard drive. This might sound difficult, but its extremely easy. In order to make this happen, you just need a Mac with the latest version of iPhoto.

Once you have this, just follow the steps listed below save Photo Stream photos in a folder on Mac OS X.

Save Photo Stream to a Folder

Step 1: Go to Settings > iCloud to ensure that iPhoto’s iCloud settings are turned on.

Step 2: Now open your Apple Script Editor. You can do so by typing ‘Apple Script’ in Spotlight search bar

Step 3: Now paste the following code in the Script Editor:


Step 4: The target_folder in the fourth line of the code should be set to a folder of your own liking.

Step 5: Now just click Run.

That’s it! you would now be able to see your Photo Stream photos in the folder that you specified.

Note: The Apple script does not run in the background. So you would have to execute it everytime you want to see your latest photos in a folder of your choosing. Additionlly, you can save the script as an application in your /Applications folder to make executing it easier.

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