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Every 60 Seconds in Social Media [Infographic]

Social media has undoubtedly changed the way most people now spend their time on the web. The infographics embedded below takes a look at what 60 seconds really mean in the social media world. During every 60 seconds 1090 visitors visit Pinterest, 2000 checkins are made on Foursquare, 3125 photos are uploaded to Flickr, 7,630 stumbles are made on Stumble Upon, 175,000 tweets are sent out on Twitter, 700,000 messages are sent out on Facebook and 2 million videos are viewed on Youtube.



How to Set Limit and Track Data Usage in Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Even though we are having high-speed and swift internet connection available for mobiles by means of 3G and 4G technology, they are not economical and low-priced when compared to broadband connections.  Therefore, it is important to track the data usage on your mobile phone; otherwise, it might cost you dearly owing to running of multiple background apps like emails, social networking updates. The newly launched version of Android namely Ice Cream Sandwich has an exceptional feature that enables users to track and limit the data usage. This feature makes you to set a limit to the data usage and the internet connection id blocked once the set limit is reached. You will be prompted by a warning message that the set limit has been attained and you can re-enable it to start using internet.

How to Set Limits and Track Data Usage Android Ice Cream Sandwich:

To get started, you need to open the Setting menu and click on the box against Set mobile data limit. . Click on the box against Set mobile data limit underneath.

 Track Data Usage in Android Track Data Usage in Android


You will be prompted with a warning before the activation so click OK. You can observe two lines of red and orange colors. The red line indicates the maximum allowed usage; you can easily shift it up and down to set the maximum allowed usage limits. The orange line indicates the set usage limit and you will be warned every time you reach the set usage limit.

 Track Data Usage in Android Track Data Usage in Android


When you reach the set usage limit, the data connection will be disconnected. You will get a warning message as well as re-enable data option to start using the internet.

 Track Data Usage in Android

This Android Ice Cream Sandwich’s feature is very handy in limiting data usage and extremely valuable feature for mobile phones particularly for limited data plan users.

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How to Sync Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with a New Machine

sync iphone,ipad with new computer 

How Sync Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with a New Machine

It is fun as well as enjoyable to switch your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a new machine, without wiping out all your data, by following the steps in this article.

sync iphone,ipad with new computer


  1. Firstly, you have to authorize your new computer to use your Apple ID. You should use the same email address that you used in Apple iTunes. If you forget the email address, then you can verify the computer you are presently synchronizing with. However, it is available on the upper-right-hand to the iTunes Store. Once you recognize which email address you used,  just go to the new computer you want to synchronize with and locate the Store menu. Now, choose Authorize This Computer. (If you have multiple Apple IDs, then you need to authorize account every time you synchronize. Check out  this Apple support page for more information)
  1. A pop up window will open in the iTunes sidebar once you Connect your iDevice . Now, go to the File menu and select “Transfer Purchases from John’s iPhone” (assuming John is your name. The process will take some time if you have full content. However, you should give time in order to sync your phone easily.
  1. Transfer all the media which was not purchased from the Apple to the new computer. You can easily copy all the available iTunes data to the new machine you want to sync. You can find it here Hard Drive -> Users -> Your Home Folder (it will be labeled with your username) -> Music -> iTunes.    Just pull all the content in your iTunes folder on to the new copy of iTunes you want to sync with. This will add all the content to the iTunes; however, you will lose playlists.  Use any application (like Media Rover) to sync the two together, if you want to completely replace your iTunes library on the new computer.
  1. You have to shift content from your device in case you have content on your iDevice that’s not in the old computer’s iTunes library. For that, you have to buy any extraction software and iRip ($20) will work magic. For Mac users, iRip will send the files directly to iTunes.  Senuti is freeware, which can also perform all this but it is not as efficient as iRip. For Windows users, just go into iTunes, choose  your device, enable disk mode, and open up the disk in Windows.  Go to the Tools menu, select Folder Option, and check view hidden files and folders once you iPod in Windows Explorer. This action will help you access to your media and on the other hand you can make most with the winamp’s iPod plugin.
  1. Click on the Apps tab from your device’s page by checking the sync apps option and clicking “Apply” to sync your apps from your device to your computer in iTunes.
  1. It is better to have a backup so right-click your device in the iTunes sidebar and choose Backup. ( have a look at the Techow while it creates backup)

The process might be boring as well as annoying but at least you have readied your content to sync on the new machine. If you lost all your content on the phone, it will be available right on your computer.  You can even buy iTunes Match and let Apple sync your music for you. Note: you will still have to go all the way through the processes above to transfer your apps, videos, in order to sync but at any rate it’ll take care of what is likely the biggest bother.

How to Sync Your iDevice with Multiple Machines

To sync with multiple machines, there are two option in which both are defective. Firstly, if you are syncing some content like music, videos, and other media with one machine and other content with another app, then you can do that easily by just being careful on each machine. For that, connect your device on the first machine and set the sync options. Do the same process on the other machine but choose different options. You cannot sync music with the second machine, if you tell the first machine to sync music. This drawback makes it ineffective to take same kinds of content from two machines. Nevertheless, if you looking for something different, then this method works well.

sync iphone,ipad with new computer


The best method to sync your iTunes folder with any machine is syncing your iTunes folder with Dropbox. You can even use MediaRover if you do not want to pay for the Dropbox space. MediaRover is a simple and free app that can sync anything.

Although you have reach the nadir of the article, you would probably figure out that there is no perfect solution for this problem. It is a really annoying that your iDevices cannot not sync with multiple computers easily. However, we hope that the solutions mentioned above will act as alternative and serve as a good option in the interim. Good luck and happy syncing!

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How Ecommerce Evolved Over Time [Infographic]

eCommerce could be said to have been started in the 1960s when the Electronic Data Interchange allowed companies to carry out electronic transactions for the first time. Ever since that time, eCommerce has come a long way. The infographics embedded below takes a look at how eCommerce evolved over time.


Is The Techonology Industry Racist [Infographic]

Although most of us might think that racism is now a thing of the past, things might be different in reality. The infographic embedded below takes a look at whether the technology industry is racist or not. The data displayed in the infographic clearly shows that there is a lot of disrepancies that basically points to the fact that the industry is in fact quiet racist even in todays day and age.


How to Sync Contact Photos and Usernames from Twitter to your iOS device

The contact lists is surely most powerful data sets on your iOS device. The information from the address book has been predicated for the amazing features the iPhone and iPad has to offer.  Just try Twitter to beef up your contacts so that you get most out of your iDevice.

iOS 5 has an inbuilt Twitter integration app that automatically retrieve usernames and profile photos for any of your contacts who have Twitter accounts.

Sync contact photos from twitter

Basically, you need to choose profile photo associated with the account as your contact’s photo in case your contact has an e-mail address associated with a Twitter account. You can even add any person’s Twitter username to contact information on your device.

How to Sync Twitter to your iOS device:

  1. Tap Twitter after opening Settings on your iOS device.
  2. Log in your Twitter account.
  3. Tap the “Update Contacts” button and the app will automatically sync your contacts. Sync contact photos from twitter

When you have gained the access to your contacts on your iOS, just tap on the Twitter account name to send your friend a tweet. The Twitter app on your device will open, when you want to see what your friend is tweeting. For your surprise, you can easily add Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, and Myspace names to your contacts list as these options will open in a Safari.

So, it will be great to hear your favorite way to use Twitter. Let us know about it in the comments!

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How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts in Netflix

In this article we have share some useful Keyboard shortcuts that will help you to browse Netflix and rate movies quickly and easily.

You may be wondering of an easier method to click on menus and navigate to the areas of your interest . Hold on as a userscript written by Dustin Luck adds that functionality to your browser in a matter of second. The script is compatible with Firefox and seems to work fine with other browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, and Apple Safari without any problem. To get started, just follow the steps:

Step 1: Open your desired Web browser. The script’s notes recommends to use Firefox, but it doesn’t matter much with other web browsers.

netflix_keyboard_shortcutsStep 2: Go to the Netflix Keyboard Shortcuts script page of the Dustin Luck.


Step 3: Now, you need to click on the Install button, which will be located on the top right-hand corner.

Step 4: Authorize the download/install if you get a pop-up, move ahead and approve it.


Step 5: Refresh your Web browser and go to Netflix to start using the keyboard shortcuts.

List of the keyboard shortcuts supported by the script:


i – Watch Instantly
k – Just for Kids
b – Browse DVDs
q – Your Queue
s – Suggestions for You
a – Rental Activity
d – DVD Distribution (for profiles)
y – Your Account
? – Help
/ – Jump to search box

Movie pages

Note: These shortcuts work only on the movie pages.

1 – Rate 1 star
2 – Rate 2 stars
3 – Rate 3 stars
4 – Rate 4 stars
5 – Rate 5 stars
0 – Rate Not Interested
` – Clear Rating
+ – Add to DVD Queue
* – Add to Instant Queue
[Space] – Play

That is it! enjoy the shortcut keys. Leave your feedback in the comment section below.

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Is Social Commerce A Fact Or Fiction [Infographic]

We now have a consensus that social commerce would be the next big eCommerce revolution. But it is hardly visible at the moment. This is due to the fact that both retailers and customers have been slow to adapt to the changing landscape. The infographics embedded below takes a look at the social commerce landscape and tries to answer the question whether social commerce is a fact or merely a fiction.


How to Reopen Your Last Window or File

This tutorial will help you to reopen your last browser tab on your computer.  You will surely experience this problem when organizing multiple file and you will probably end up with closing your work folder when moving pictures and docs to the different directories.

After that disaster, you need to open it through the directory hierarchy and start your drag-and-drop operation method fast again. By the way, a simple app for Windows will help you to open your last-closed window that will basically end your annoying experience in a jiffy.

reopen last windows

Step 1: Download the app namely “UndoClose” and extract it. reopen last windows

Step 2: Open the directory (where you have extracted the file) and run the program by double-clicking on the program icon.
reopen last windows

Step 3: Now, just right-click on the System Tray icon. When menu appears, click on the Settings.
reopen last windows

Step 4: You can easily adjust the hot keys. For that, first you need to click on the area where the current hot key is displayed. Secondly, press your new desired key combination. Now, once you have adjusted the hotkeys, just click on the Change button to save these hot keys.
reopen last windows

Step 5: When the need arises or you accidently closed your important working folder or program, then press the key combination set to reopen the window or program.  On the other hand, you can even open window or program quickly by double-clicking its entry in the Settings window.

Sorry to say that you cannot open your last IM session or last editing tool in Photoshop with this app. However, it is extremely useful in the case of file and folder organization purposes.

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The Sad State of Social Media Privacy [Infographic]

Almost all of us now use one social media site or the other. Privacy has certainly become one of the most pressing concerns in the social media age. In fact it almost seems like an oxymoron to think of privacy in the social media era. For years, consumers, media and government regulators have grappled with the problem of online privacy in an increasingly social world. The infographics embedded below takes a look at the sad state of social media privacy which is showing no signs of getting any better.


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