How to Get Notified Of Unauthorized Access To Your Wi-Fi

Most people dont get any clue of unauthorized access of their Wi-Fi connection. Using someone else’s Wi-Fi connection is akin to stealing, where in this case the person is stealing your wireless bandwidth. In this article we will explain how to get notified of unauthorized access to your Wi-Fi.

How to Get Notified Of Unauthorized Access To Your Wi-Fi

We have a free and lightweight app named Wireless Network Watcher that basically pings you whenever a new connection is made to your Wi-Fi connection. In order to use Wireless Network Watcher, follow the steps listed below:

  • Download Wireless Network Watcher. You can get it from this link.
  • Now install the app.
  • Make sure that you have set it to run automatically when your PC boots.
  • Once its up, you should set it to alert you when someone connects to your Wi-Fi. In order to do so click on Options.Wireless_Network_Watcher
  • Now select “Beep On New Device” and “Background Scan.”
  • Now start the scan by pressing the “Start Scanning” button.
  • All new connections will now trigger an alert.

That’s all there to make your Wi-Fi secure from intrusions. We also recommend you have a look at the video from CNET below.
via CNET


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