How to Share PDF or eBook Passages On Kindle Fire


Kindle Fire now has a new feature in the latest software update that allows users to share passages with people while using their Kindle Fire. So Kindle Fire users can now share passages from with e-Books or PDF files with other members of the Amazon community. In this article we will explain how to share PDF or eBook passages on Kindle Fire.

How to Share PDF or eBook Passages On Kindle Fire

In order to share passages PDF or eBook passages on Kindle Fire, perform the following steps:

  • The first thing that you need to do is to select the passage to share. You can select the passage by long-pressing on that part of the text.Select_passage
  • This will highlight the text and would place brackets at the beginning and end of the highlighted text.
  • Now drag the beginning and ending brackets to adjust your selection.
  • Once you have selected exactly what you want to share, tap on the share button that is displayed just above the selected text.
  • In addition to sharing the passage, you can also leave a note for yourself or keep the section highlighted so that you can reference it later.
  • The sharing page will appear once you have tapped on the sharing button.Sharing_options
  • From the sharing page, you can select on which social networks you would want to share the passage.
  • Once you have tapped the orange button the passage would be shared with the Amazon community.

That’s it.

via CNET


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