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iPad is one of the most revolutionary products that have been developed by Apple. Apart from the many officially supported apps, the device can be jailbroken to perform a lot of different functions that are not possible with the stock iPad. Once jailbroken, you can tweak your iPad by installing various jailbreak apps and tweaks. In this guide book we have compiled numerous tips, tricks and how to tutorials for different iPad jailbreak tweaks that both novice and experienced users can use. You may want to bookmark this page for later reference. Additionally, we would highly appreciate if you can share this guide book with your friends and family.

How to Install Siri on iPad 1 and iPad 2

Many expected that launch of iOS 5.1 by Apple last month must have contained Siri for iPad in the list of new enhancements but unfortunately there was no such thing there.  For now, iPad users have to work with an alternate known as “Voice Dictation” that is featured in the release of iOS 5.1.  It is not Siri, but it is better than to have nothing on your iPad.

Another great alternate for users is to install Spire on their iPads. You can install Spire on any non-iPhone 4S iDevice that could be an iPad 1 or 2, iPhone 4, or even an iPod touch. The use of Spire on iPhone 4 may change your mind to spend more dollars on iPhone 4S just for using Siri.

Siri on ipad

Recently, a new tweak has been created by Developer iPodHAcks142 that can help improve things for the many iPad users running Spire. With this new tweak, you can get better results from the areas in which Spire still lacks and one of the reason why it is considered next to Siri on the iPhone 4S.Siri on ipad

Before on left | After on right

Full Siri GUI for iPad 1/2’ tweak changes the color of the background of all iOS device with the nice, grey linen background replacing the bleak jet-black backdrop set by default in Spire. You can also experience visual improvements in both small-declared and fullscreen modes.

Even though, users find Spire a very helpful feature but its large, unpleasent backdrop drops its ratings in the eyes of the users. The black background may looks pleasant to some users but for most it is annoying.

Since, there is no update available of Spire for  iOS 5.1, you can install Full Siri GUI for iPad 1 and 2 on iOS 5.0.1. You can get your free download from the ModMyi repository, that is a default in your Cydia source list unless you have already delete it.Siri on ipad

Before on left | After on right

You cannot install this tweak if your deivce is not already Jailbroken, You can learn about Jalilbreaking your device on our blog.

Let us know about your feedback and your experience with Spire in the comments below!11

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How to Set Custom App Icons on iPhone or iPad

Custom App Icon iPhone

Many users are not satisfied with the app icons on their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. They look for ways that can help them changing or customizing these app icons that irritate them. If you are one of such person, this article will guide you about the way that can help you to create your own custom app icons on your device. For this, you must have a Jailbreak device with Winterboard installed on it.

As you may have already known, Winterboard is a great tool that helps you in customizing appearance of your iPad or iPhone in many ways that also includes customizing your icons. You can use these custom items on your device without replacing the actual image files and can use Winterboard to turn them on and off occasionally. Most of the apps icons (Apps that are purchased from App store) are changed automatically whenever you install a new theme. Some iOS apps like Settings, Photos, Compass etc needs to be manually skinned as they do not change with the new theme automatically. Similarly, all Jailbreak apps are not automatically skinned with the change in theme, and you may need to learn to change their icons on your own.

To customize app icons on your device, you need Winterboard and SSH on your device. It is also good to have iFile and SBSettings before starting but they are not mandatory.

How to Create your Theme

  1. You need to access: /private/var/stash/Themes first.
  2.  Create a new folder there with a name ‘Custom Icons theme’.Custom App Icon iPhone
  3. Create another folder inside the Custom Icons folder. Give it a name ‘Bundles’. This folder will be used to put all your icons that need to be skinned so that Winterboard can get access to all at same place.Custom App Icon iPhone

Icons to Skin

The first thing you may need to do before skinning your icons is to find those icons on your device that were not automatically themed and needs to be customized manually.

For this, you need to use SBSettings. Go to SBSettings > More.

Custom App Icon iPhone

  1. You can find a button “App Folders” at the bottom of your screen, tap on it.
  2. From the list of apps available, click on the app you want to skin. Mark down the name of the folder.Custom App Icon iPhone
  3. Now, you can use either SSH browser or iFile to go to the location of the app you marked down in last step.
  4. After getting access to the right folder, open the folder where you will find another folder with name of the app and ‘.app’ at the end. Open the folder to proceed further.Custom App Icon iPhone
  5. Now, search for the file info.plist and opent it. Search for a line named “CFBundleIdentifier” and the string that should be right under the first line. The string must contain the name of bundle that you need to mark down. The name should look like ‘’. This is actually a name for the new folder you are trying to make.Custom App Icon iPhone
  6. Similarly, within the same folder, you can find the icon of the app you are looking to replace. The file must be in a number of formats and you have to follow trial and error method until you find the right one. The file must be like icon.png or icon@2x.png etc.
  7. Now, get back to your custom folder that must look like Icons.theme/Bundles folder. Make a new folder within this folder with the name you find in the string in last step. Now, put your icon in this newly created folder. With both icon name and the bundle name marked down, you can now proceed further to create a customized icon.

How to Make Icons

  1. You may be creating icons for the device with a retina display or for a device with a non-retina display. For retina display devices, you can create icons with 118×120. For non-retina display, you can make icons with 59×60. You can use different graphic software to create your icons like Adobe Photoshop.Angry Bird
  2. After creating an icon, the next step is labeling of your icon just like the original icon you are trying to customize. Make sure that the icon is case sensitive.
  3. Now, you can put the icon in your bundle folder that you created.Custom App Icon iPhone

How to Set Custom App Icons on iPhone or iPad

  1. Launch Winterboard on your device. Your custom theme icon must be above all other themes in your Winterboard listing and must be checked. Themes can override each other that is why it is important to keep the theme at the top that you want to use.
  2. Get back to your device as it will respring. Your skinned icon will now appear on your screen with new theme. If the app does not appear on your screen, recheck all the steps mentioned in this tutorial to see if they were all properly followed.

Let us know about your feedback in the comments below!!

How to Block Unwanted Calls and Text Messages on iPhone

I bet you might also have come across such a situation where you  really and deliberately wanted to block the calls, voice calls or texts from a particular person, be it bothersome telemarketers, your previous partner, an uncle who acts as a detective on your activities or just an annoying friend. Now the question is, is this possible with iPhone? Unfortunately Apple iOS has not offered any such facility but this can still be done once you Jailbroken your iPhone. In this article we will explain how to block unwanted calls and text messages on iPhone.

After you have jailbroken your iPhone, you can instantly get all such numbers blocked that have been troubling you  using the iBlacklist app. This app has been made available through Cydia amd enables you to block all calls and text messages from the list of contacts that you have placed in the blacklist. The app is available for $12.99.

How to Block Unwanted Calls and Text Messages on iPhone

  1. Launch Cydia on your iPhone. After it launches, type in <iBlacklist> in the search bar. Click on it once it appears in the search list.iPhone iBlacklist
  2. Follow the given instructions for downloading and make the payment for iBlacklist. Once the download completes, click to close Cydia and get back to your Home screen.
  3. Click the iBlacklist app and open it from the available apps list.
  4. Select Blacklists in the main menu. You will be shown the current blacklisted groups and contacts. In order to add a new contact to the list click on the Add New Blacklist. ( you will have to select between the manual addition of the number and/or adding a number from your contact list, recent call log or the recent text conversation).
  5. Once you confirm the contact to be blacklisted, search for the red call icon in the configuration roll. Turn it on and this will now block these numbers. The red message icon can also be turned on if you want to block text messages.
  6. When you get the call from the number that you want to block, click on the Action to be performed and select how you want the call to be terminated. You can either opt for the call to directly go to the voicemail or get it automatically hung up. It can also be given a busy signal response and can be blocked directly without making your phone ring.
  7. Click on the blue button in order to add the contact to your blacklist. The contact will be blocked from there on and the changes will automatically be saved.

That’s all you need to do in order to blacklist contacts or numbers on iPhone.


How to Remove Icon Labels From iPhone or iPad On iOS 5


If you are tired and bored from seeing the icon labels that appear beneath the app icons on your springboard, you should rejoice as we now have a jailbreak tweak that solves this problem. No Icon Label for iOS 5Yallows you to remove the icon labels from the springboard. In this article we have explained how to remove icon labels from iPhone or iPad on iOS 5.

No Icon Label for iOS 5, as the name suggests removes all icon labels from the app icons displayed on the Home screen of your iPhone.

Of course, we know that there are many other tweaks like this, that have been used for the same reason. But here you are introduced to a free of cost, innovative, and quicker solution to resolve your problem in an effective way. So if you are looking for a tweak which leaves no icon labels on screen even with no filler added, try this now.

Just like other tweaks of this kind, No Icon Label for iOS 5 is very simple to install and utilize. So, you need not to be bothered about the options or settings configuration. If you no longer need it and wish to disable the effect, simply uninstall the tweak.

Being sure that your iPhone or iPad is Jailbroken. Try it now on your iPhone and let us make out how you found Icon Label for iOS 5 tweak by typing a comment below.

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How to Remove the Settings App Badge From a Jailbroken iPhone or iPad

With the arrival of OTA (Over-the air) updates, Apple has provided its usebase a considerable handiness in exploring the iPhone or iPad. As a result, you get two major benefits i.e. you dont have to always be infront of your computer to update the iOS. This is further supported by the fact that recent updates are quite smaller as compared to the previous ones, so you they wont need much time even if you update your iOS over the air.

You might have previously experienced that OTA updates, on the flip side, cause to create a frustrating situation for Jailbreakers as well as for potential Jailbreakers. Besides the fact that almost all Jailbreakers stay away from OTA updates like the plague, potential Jailbreakers (i.e. those having iPhone 4S) are also just avoiding, and desperately waiting for an untethered Jailbreak in the near future.

It seems useless to say that the iPhone 4S Jailbreak is taking more time to get completed.In order to aggravate the situation, Apple is now thrusting annoying notification badges on the Settings App just the same as a prompt indicating that a delta update for iOS 5.0.1 is now available to be downloaded and installed.

However, this gets out of vogue very fast, particularly if you are not planning on ever updating with the OTA mode. Much to your surprise, a new Jailbreak tweak has been introduced namely noOTA badge that really helps getting rid of the cranky notification badge on Settings app.

The video embedded below explains how you can download and use the noOTA badge to remove OTA notifications from your screen.


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How to Create and Use Text Shortcuts in iPhone and iPad on iOS 5

There have been many Jailbreaking tweaks, which you can find on many online websites. One of the most interesting and astounding Jailbreak tweaks Xpandr, is a decent yet powerful Jailbreaking tool. It is a simple tool that enables you to create a library of different shortcuts for snippets of texts which can be used in different URLs, predefined texts, addresses etc.

Since, iOS 5 has not been Jailbroken yet, which apparently means you cannot use the Xpandr anymore. But, fortunately, Apple was inspired by this tweak and therefore introduced this tweak as an inbuilt feature in iOS 5. Continue reading the posts to know how to create and use text shortcuts in iPhone or iPad on iOS 5.

iOS 5 has unlocked a new feature which enables you to create a shortcut for specific text actions like signature in an email, URL links and other text snippets that you tend to use again and again. So, instead of writing the words each time you can assign a shortcut function through this feature to perform the same action with just a few taps.

iPhone Text Shortcuts

Here in the screenshot above we have assigned a shortcut of ‘drv’ to the phrase ‘I’m driving right now. I’ll call you later’. Now each time we will write drv on our text area, it would automatically be expanded to I’m driving right now. I’ll call you later.

You can give the short forms to practically countless phrases which can save your time.

How to Create and Use Text Shortcuts in iPhone and iPad on iOS 5:

There is no simple task than assigning a shortcut to it:

  • Tap on Settings
  • Goto General
  • Tap on Keyboard
  • Tap on Shortcuts
  • Now tap on “+” icon
  • Add a phrase and assign a shortcut for this.
  • You are done!

Now you may start using these assigned shortcuts anywhere while writing in your iPhone or iPad. iOS 5 will automatically replace the shortcut with the associated word or phrase or URL etc.

Please provide your feedback, to help regarding this feature, by posting a comment.

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How to Quickly Enable iOS Hidden Autocorrect Bar on iPhone or iPad

Autocorrection bar is a useful tweak for iPhone users. All you need to do is to enable iOS’s built in but unseen autocorrect bar. The manual process for turning autocorrect bar on is very time consuming and complex, but if your device is jailbroken, you can use autocorrect bar jailbreak tweak to enable the autocorrect bar. The Autocorrect bar tweak for jailborken devices comes with more enhancements than built-in autocorrect bar.

The Autocorrection bar tweak comes with upsides and downsides. The advantage of using autocorrect tweak is that it can quickly enable autocorrect bar as compared to manual method. Another additional feature available in the tweak is an ‘Action Button’ that performs direct actions from the autocorrect bar. You can use it with Action menu, that was also developed by the same developer named Ryan Petrich. The disadvantage of this tweak is that you have to jailbreak your device in order to use autocorrection bar tweak.

How to Quickly Enable iOS Hidden Autocorrect Bar:

Have a look at the video below to understand the working of this tweak.

You can download Autocorrect Bar from Cydia for free.

If you feel that Autocorrect bar is not working well for you, or you do not find it useful, you can always disable it on your device.

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How to Password Protect Apps on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Using Locktopus

Your personal information like contacts, emails, messages and social networking account information is just protected behind a sliding button in iPhone or iPad. This personal information could be bare to others even if you have enabled your default security system on your iOS device. The default security system could be easily broken by a single hijacking method that every new hacker might have known. As far as the vulnerability is concerned, you should not only consider outside interference but should also protect your iOS device from those who live along with you i.e., your friends and mates. The default security of Apple iOS has got little but no security measures for its users to protect data and personal information.

So in order to protect your personal information from such interference you must take necessary steps not because it is essential but its worth it. Locktopus, a new Cydia App, is specifically designed to protect all your information that you want to keep confidential from others. Locktopus allows you to password protect your iOS applications directly from the SpringBoard interface. It protects your applications using a master password and gives access to only those who know the master password. Ultimately it provides you the best of the security measure that are available for iOS.


Locktopus Compatibility:

How to Lock Apps on iPhone and iPod Touch?

In order to appropriately know about how to use Locktopus Cydia App to password protect apps on iPhone and iPod Touch you may watch the below video.

Regarding this application you may help us finding the better way on how to use it efficiently by posting your comment below.

How to Improve iPhone and iPad Notification Center with IntelliScreenX

If there’s one thing we would like to highlight on your iOS 5 devices, it would be the new Notification Center features. Finally, we have got hold of the near final beta version of IntelliScreenX, which certainly is amongst the most awaited jailbreak apps that seamlessly works with iOS 5 Notification Center.

IntelliScreenX provides you with new and improved ways to interact with your Notification Center. IntelliScreenX has a new pull-down menu, which literally shows you all the notifications.

That’s not all, you can access Twitter, Facebook, RSS and email with convenience. IntelliScreenX allows you to communicate and post updates and status messages on Twitter and Facebook without leaving the Notification Center. Even better, you can do a lot of this even when the screen is locked.

Here’s a full preview on how to improve iPhone and iPad Notification Center with IntelliScreenX.

In the past, we have found another similar app like IntelliScreenX, called Lock Info. Though there may be users out there who dig the features of LockInfo and the creativity of its developers, LockInfo implements much the same features albeit in a complicated way.

Apparently, with the IntelliScreenX, two-way communication method is excellent. Once tested, you can actually see how everything has become so easy, quick, fun and spontaneous. Your Twitter timeline is pushed in real time and in just a swipe your RSS Feeds are updated. Facebook and email works similarly in perspective.

IntelliScreenX will definitely work for those who have found Notification Center to be part of their daily routine. The features will come out naturally as you get used to it. If you’ve been working every day and can’t get your fingers off your iPhone, the IntelliScreenX will be perfect for you.

If you want to get your hands on this app, you can purchase it at ModMyi repo for $9.99. You can also avail a free trial to see how it goes on your device.

Have you tried the IntelliScreenX ? Do share your thoughts with us.

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