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iPhone is one of certainly the most revolutionary products that have been developed by Apple. Apart from the many officially supported apps, the device can be jailbroken to perform a lot of different functions that are not possible with the stock iPhone. Once jailbroken, you can tweak your iPhone by installing various jailbreak apps and tweaks. In this guide book we have compiled numerous tips, tricks and how to tutorials for different iPhone jailbreak tweaks that both novice and experienced users can use. You may want to bookmark this page for later reference. Additionally, we would highly appreciate if you can share this guide book with your friends and family.

How to Monitor Your iPhone Data with Data Usage Monitor

Data-Usage-Monitor iPhone

You can download and install a cellular data monitoring tool known as Data Usage Monitor for 1.99 dollars on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. This tweak allows users to monitor and take specific actions once cellular data reaches a user defined threshold.

Even though, it looks like a great tweak as it offers you to save money from data overages, but the video below shows that it still needs some improvement before we can easily recommend it as an optimum data monitoring tool for our readers.

One of the primary problem with Data Usage Monitor is when you reach a threshold with disable data set as an action. In this situation, “Data Usage Monitor” constantly put users in a loop where  a user has to cope with subsequent pop up notification one after another. You can only get rid of this situation by reseting iPhone.

The second problem is with the threshold, as it isn’t the same threshold that will cause Data Usage Monitor to execute the user defined action. For example, it will effect only when your data limit reach 2 MB even when if you set the limit to 1MB. This may be a common issue with data monitoring tools but very irritating one for first timers.

If you still want to use this tweak as a data monitoring tool on your device, our recommendation is to only use its monitoring capabilities by setting up a very high threshold. If you look beyond the discussed problems with the tweak, you may find it as a decent data  monitoring tool.

If you have already used Data Usage Monitor, let us know about your experience with the tweak in the comments below!!

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How to Install Siri on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPad Running iOS 5.0+

Ever since iPhone 4S has been released, users of older iPhone devices are trying desperately to get their hands on Siri. In this article we will explain how to install Siri on iPhone 4 running iOS 5 or higher.

How to Install Siri on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPad Running iOS 5.0+

Before we begin, we must inform you that you would need a Jailbroken device in order to install Siri on it. Once you have a jailbroken device you can follow the instructions listed below to install Siri on iPhone 4, iPhone 3 GS, iPod Touch, and iPad:

  • Open Cydia on your jailbroken device.
  • Now add the repo ( to Cydia sources.
  • Search for “Spire” on Cydia and install it.
  • Spire would need a reboot, after installation. Perform the reboot.
  • Now go to Settings > General > Siri and turn it on.
  • Now proceed back to Settings > Spire and add the link ( in the proxy text box.
  • Launch Safari and point it to (
  • The step mentioned above will create a certificate for your iDevice so that it could be recognized by Apple’s servers when you use Siri on your device.

That’s it. Enjoy using Siri on your iPhone 4, iPhone 3 GS, iPod Touch, or iPad.

How to Save Favorites Notes to Your iPhone Home Screen With SBStickyNotes

SBSticky Notes

For saving quick items, you need to get back to later; The Notes app is truly a great and useful app. However, it is easy that you may forget what you have written. SBStickyNotes make forgetting more difficult as this allows you to save favorite notes to your Home screen as a bookmark.

Check out the tutorial video on SBStickyNotes to get started.

SBStickyNotes sports a couple of fascinating options under setting app. The first setting allows you to adjust the opening animation while the second setting will allows you to transform the color of the headings for your bookmarked notes.

SBStickyNotes is truly an extremely handy app that can help those who are accustomed to notes. It will be more instrumental for those who lack Siri and do not get easy reminder by means of voice commands.

The only drawback of SBStickyNotes is that you can’y edit the notes, once you bookmarked it on your Home screen. You have to drive back to the Notes app in order to edit the note, which is inconvenient and tiresome.

If you still want to give a try then go to Cydia only if you have a Jailbroken device. You can easily download it from the BigBoss repo free of cost.

What are your thoughts about the SBStickyNotes ? In spite of only editing headache, do you think it will be a worth trying or just a let-it-go app?

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How to Add Rich Text Capability to Your Notes App


There is a good news for all the iOS users who are expecting rich text functionality for Notes in iOS 5.1 some time soon. Developer Ryan Petrich has update Rich Text For Mail — a Jailbreak tweak dedicated to adding rich text support to Email — to support Notes as well. This means that the users don’ have to rely on Apple to get this feature in iOS 5.1.

Have a look at the following video from iDB exploring the tweak.

However, the bad news is that the tweak isn’t free and you have to cough up $4.99. It wouldn’t be worth it if you’re not going to use it a whole lot. If the rich text functionality is a necessity, then it’s a reasonable expense.

iDB also did a through walk-through of Rich Text for Mail tweak (video embedded below) some time ago .  Now, with the update of this tweak all of the functionality for the Mail app works for the Notes app as well.

Are you excited for not having to wait for iOS 5.1 to get this functionality? Let us know in the comment section below.

How to use GPS Navigation System with Siri


Siri by herself can search on Google Maps but we know that Google Map is terrible, at the moment, when it comes to GPS navigation. AssistantLove is a new Jailbreak tweak that can search and get directions and routes for 3rd GPS apps. This enables the tweak to extends Siri’s capabilities to launch GPS navigation system.

Have a look at the following demo of the integrated GPS navigation using Siri with the help of free GPS app Waze.

You only have to configure supported GPS apps in the setting panel for AssistantLove to extend Siri capability of working with a 3rd party GPS app. Currently, AssitantLove only supports Waze, TomTom, MotionX-GPS and Navigon.

You can get AssistantLove for $1.99 from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. It works with all the devices that are able to run Siri.

What do you think of Siri’s GPS performance? Let us know in the comment section below.

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How to Use Siri to Search for Lyrics

Gone are the days when you try to look for the lines of your favorite song. There is a new Jailbreak app on Cydia, called SiriLoveLyrics, that tweaks Siri to get the song lyrics on iPhone.  You can easily pull song lyrics, from beginning to end, using this app. SiriLoveLyrics can be found ModMyi repo.


How to use Siri to search for lyrics with SiriLoveLyrics:

Step 1: Get the AssistantExtensions Cydia tweak (SiriLoveLyrics) 1.0.1 from Cydia’s ModMyi repo market and install it on your device.

Step 2: To use Siri to pull song lyrics via SiriLoveLyrics, all you have to do is tell Siri: “show lyrics” or “show text” directly while a particular song is being played.  Siri will show you the song lyrics quickly on its aesthetic interface. An alternative to this is asking Siri to “search for lyrics + song name by artist name”.

The app cost 0.99$ and requires Jailbreaking before installation.

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How to Install SARA (Siri Clone) on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

Apple has made the decision not to release Siri for their devices older than the iPhone 4S. As a result the Jailbreak community has come out with SARA, yet another alternative to Siri. SARA is a Siri clone touted to be a best alternatives to Siri with extended functionality. SARA is operable on the following iOS devices:

iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone 2, iPod Touch 4G, iPod Touch 3G, iPod Touch 2G, iPad 2 and iPad.

How To Install SARA Through Cydia

Step 1. First thing you need to do is Jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running the iOS 5.0 or iOS 5.0.1 firmware.

Step 2. The next step is to launch Cydia, navigate to the Manage Tab, then the Sources Section, click the Edit button and then the Add button. In the dialog box, type in the following address:


Step 3. Once the source is added to your repository list, click it and three packages will appear. Choose the package that matches your iOS device and it will try to install SARA as well.


Important: The Console package is only for submitting error reports to the developer of SARA.

Step 4. When you have SARA installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you will see a SARA icon on your SpringBoard (homescreen).


Manually Install SARA Siri Clone

Condition: The afc2add Cydia package must be installed on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad before going through the manual steps to install the SARA Cydia tweak.

afc2add Cydia Package

Step 1. Again, the first step is to Jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running the iOS 5.0 or iOS 5.0.1 firmware.

Step 2. Download a file-system editor software for your Mac OS X or Windows computer. iExplorer (download) is the preferred program for this particular task. Lastly, you must download a copy of the SARA.deb 0.3 file.

Step 3. Once you have downloaded all the needed files, launch the file-system editor and navigate to the directory shown below:


Note: It is possible that the Cydia folder won’t be visible when you reach the Media folder. If this happens, just create a new folder named Cydia and another folder inside Cydia named AutoInstall.

Step 4. Once you are in the directory shown above, copy the downloaded SARA.deb file here.

Step 5. Now restart your iOS device two times and you should see the SARA icon on your SpringBoard (homescreen).


Congratulations, now you have Siri on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Leave your thoughts, feedback in the comment section below.

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How To View Twitter Timeline Using Siri Cydia Tweak

In October 2011, many features were added to Apple iDevices with the release of iOS 5. These new additions include many new enhancements like Notification Center but the most exciting addtion was of Siri that was released with the iPhone 4S. The problem with Siri is that it is operatable by only iPhone 4S hardware and no other iOS device can work with Siri.

After the release of Siri, many developers tried to create and test tweaks that can work with Siri but faced difficulties. Things changed after the release of absinthe tool by greenpois0n as it allows untethered Jailbreak of all iOS 5 devices. This makes things easier for developers and Siri tweaks to work with other iDevices other than iPhone 4S.


Recently, AssistantExtension was released by ‘K3A’ that is available in Cydia for free. The tweak is very useful for Siri users and developers as it includes additional Siri functions for users and allows developers to develop plugins that can work with Extension tweak. One of the examples of such plugins for AssistantExtension is a latest release known as “TweetLine”. This tweak allows twitter users to integrate Twitter registered account in the Settings app.

The app is simple to work with. You can easily activate Siri on your device through normal method and can give spoken command ‘timeline’ to your device. The tweak will force Siri to show the 5 most latest tweets on the Twitter Timeline. tweetline-cydia-tweak

Even thoguh, the tweak is useful if you want to read the tweets quickly as it allows you to scroll the tweet sheet inside the Siri interface but the commands are limited. For now, you can only read the 5 latest tweets that also include the usernames with the tweets in response of “timeline” command. The displayed response only contains usernames and the tweets without any links.

This is a great tweak for those who wants to keep themselves updated during their busy schedules and are regular tweeters. If you want to download and install TweetLine on your device, you can get one from ModMyi repo. You only need a registered Twitter account and a Siri enabled device to install and use TweetLine. The tweak is free to use.

Let us know about your experience with TweetLine or any other AssistantExtension plugin and your feedback about the tutorial in the comments below!!

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How to Theme iPhone to Look Like Android, Windows, Kindle, WebOS

If you are bored with the look and feel of your iPhone, you can easily change that by installing the Dreamboard app, which allows you to make your iPhone look like an Android, Windows Phone 7, Kindle or Web OS. Dreamboard is basically a jailbreak tweak, which means that you would have to jailbreak your iPhone in order to install Dreamboard.

How to Theme iPhone to Look Like Android, Windows, Kindle, WebOS and More

Dreamboard is basically a free Cydia app.

  • If you have a jailbroken iPhone, just search for Dreamboard in Cydia.
  • Tap on Dreamboard to install it.


Dreamboard has a lot of themes that you can use to customize your iPhone, but some of the note-worthy ones are listed below:

  • Endroid – Android HTC lookalike with updating weather widget and clock, this is the default Android theme
  • OS7 – Makes iPhone look like Windows Phone 7, complete with tile animations
  • WebOS – If you want your iPhone to look like a now extinct Palm device
  • Kindle Fire for iPhone – Gives the iPhone an interface like the Kindle Fire
  • OS X Lion Ultimatum – one of the fancier themes, makes iOS look like Mac OS X Lion
  • Apple Desk – looks like an actual desk, complete with iMac and keyboard

Once again, these were just a few. Dreamboard contains a lot of free themes and some paid ones too. Some of the paid themes would need to be downloaded manually and could then be moved to the iPhone via SSH or SFTP from a Mac or PC.

How to Enable Multitasking in Cydia

Many users think that the most important feature for a good application is its ability to multi-task. Cydia was not conforming to all the multitasking functionalities a user requires. In this article we will explain how to enable multitasking in Cydia.

As far as this method to enable multitasking in Cydia is concerned, it is not authorized by anyone so far. But one can expect that this method can generate problems. You may do this at your own risk. Do take precautionary measures like creating a backup of your important content.

By the way, we personally did not experience any problems using this method and it worked in a normal way for us. But we also made a backup of our important content just to be on the safe side. Let us know about your experience with this method by posting a comment below.

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