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Facebook is the world’s largest social network in terms of users and revenues. The social networking giant has a lot of features that could be customized by any and all Facebook users. In this guide book we have compiled numerous tips, tricks and how to tutorials for Facebook that both novice and experienced users can use. You may want to bookmark this page for later reference. Additionally, we would highly appreciate if you can share this guide book with your friends and family.

20 Criminal Cases Solved Using Facebook [Infographic]

Facebook has been used in countless ways. One of the most important and unprecedented ways in which this social networking giant is being used is to gather evidence against and track criminals. The infographics embedded below takes a look at 20 criminal cases that were solved using Facebook.



10 Things You Need to Know About Revamped Facebook Pages [Infographic]

Facebook has revamped the Facebook pages. There have been a lot of changes that have been put into place in this update. The infographics embedded below lists 10 things that you need to know about revamped Facebook pages. You can use this infographics as a checklist and refer to it as you optimise your page.


How to Share an iPad Video on YouTube or Facebook

How-to-upload-videos-to-Facebook-and-YouTube-from-new-iPadIf you have bought the new iPad, you may have already noticed that the new iPad has a much improved camera than older iPads. You can easliy use this camera to take high quality vidoes that can be shared with your friends and family on Facebook or YouTube.

There a re many iOS and iPad apps available that make it easy to share videos on YouTube and Facebook.

How to share an iPad video on YouTube

Sharing videos that you create using your new iPad on YoutTube is very easy as iOS for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch has YouTube integration built right in.

  1. Select Video. To select a video to share on YouTube, tap on Photos app and select any video that you want to share.How-to-upload-videos-to-Facebook-and-YouTube-from-new-iPad
  2. Send Video to YouTube. You can see an arrow icon at the upper right hand corner of your screen. Click the icon and tap “Send to YouTube”.How-to-upload-videos-to-Facebook-and-YouTube-from-new-iPad
  3. Sign in Your YouTube Account. If you already have an account on YouTube, sign in to YouTube by providing user name and password.How-to-upload-videos-to-Facebook-and-YouTube-from-new-iPad
  4. Provide Video Details. The next screen will ask you about the details of your video. This may include title of your Video, description, tags, and category. You can choose between the different resolutions for your uploaded video. You can select either high definition version or standard definition. We recommend you to use High definition version by tapping on HD. Please note that HD version takes longer to upload, if you want a quick upload, you can use standard version for your video.

This is it!! Your new iPad will start uploading your video to your YouTube account automatically. There is no need to wait till whole video is uploaded as new iPad allows you to close Photos app and continue doing other things on your iPad while it upload the video quietly in the background. The new iPad will notify you by displaying a pop up on your screen once the upload successfully completes.

How to share a video on Facebook

While the Photo app can work for uploading videos on YouTube , you need a Facebook for iPad app for uploading videos on Facebook. “Facebook for ipad” is free to download.

Once you have downloaded and installed free Facebook app on your iPad, you can now upload a video. The process is same for uploading a photo on Facebook using “Facebook for iPad“.

  1. Launch Facebook app. Go to your iPad Home screen and launch the Facebook app.
  2. Sign in Your Facebook account. The app will ask you to sign in to your Facebook account, provide your user name and password.How-to-upload-videos-to-Facebook-and-YouTube-from-new-iPad
  3. Go to Photo. Tap on the Photo option at the top under the main navigation bar.
  4. Select or Create a Video. The next screen will ask you to take a new video or choose one from the library to upload on Facebook.
  5. Select Video from Library. For this tutorial, select a video from your library. If you want, you can also take a video and upload it directly.How-to-upload-videos-to-Facebook-and-YouTube-from-new-iPad
  6. Find a video. You can now find and select a video in your photo library to upload on Facebook. How-to-upload-videos-to-Facebook-and-YouTube-from-new-iPad
  7. Provide Video details. Once You have selected a video, you can now provide details about the video that includes video description, title etc. Before posting your video, you can also change a few settings. It is optional for you to provide these details as you can upload the video without including any information. To upload, you just have to tap on the “Post” button at the upper right hand corner of your screen.How-to-upload-videos-to-Facebook-and-YouTube-from-new-iPad
  8. Tag Friends and Family. If you want to tag some of your friends and family in your video or photo, just click the icon with a person on the left and provide the name of the person you want to tag. Once you start typing the name, a list will automatically pop up on your screen, tap your friend’s name.How-to-upload-videos-to-Facebook-and-YouTube-from-new-iPad
  9. Add a location. You can add a location to your Video or Photo by tapping on the “Location” and providing details in the text box.How-to-upload-videos-to-Facebook-and-YouTube-from-new-iPad
  10. Select a Group. If you only want to share your video or photo with a selected group of people, you can Tap on the little gear in the right bottom corner of your screen to adjust what group of people or lists can view your video or photo.How-to-upload-videos-to-Facebook-and-YouTube-from-new-iPad
  11. Done. Once you have selected all option accordingly, you can now tap on “Post” to upload the media on your Facebook profile.

I hope you will find this tutorial helpful and interesting, keep reading our blog for more upcoming how to tutorials on the new iPad and its interesting features. Feel free to share your feedback in the comments below!!

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Facebook IPO: The Numbers Behind the Worlds Most Valuable Social Network [Infographic]

Facebook is undoubtedly the largest and most successfull social network. The company is said to be filing for an IPO. The infographics embedded below takes a look at Facebook’s numbers i.e. its revenues, operating income, no of employees, profit, valuations and other such relevant data. One of the telling facts pointed out by the infographics is that a Facebook valuation of $100 billion would mean an Apple valuation of $2.2 to $3.3 trillion by the same count. Do you really believe Facebook is worth that much ? Do let us know in the comments below.


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Facebook and Twitter Are As Addictive As Cigarettes And Alcohol [Infographic]

When 205 German citizens were asked to participate in a study on their desire and willpower, researchers were astonished to discover that the desire to check in on popular social networking websites was more difficult to resist than the desire to smoke or consume alcohol. The infographics embedded below takes a look at this study and presents how Facebook and Twitter are as addictive as cigarettes and alcohol.


How to Hide Facebook Timeline with a Chrome extension

The first reactions to the new Timeline interface for Facebook were anywhere between love and hate. Somewhere in the middle was a bit of confusion. The layout sporting a cover photo on top of two columns takes a little time getting used to. However, for those who simply want to stick to the original look, there is a way if they use Chrome.

Chrome extension to hide timeline


Chrome extension to hide timeline

TimelineRemove works better than most other Chrome extensions. The installation itself is fast and easy, taking only two clicks to turn off the Timeline effect on Facebook.

The button will appear on the toolbar of your Chrome browser after the extension is installed. You can switch the Timeline on or off after clicking its icon. The link “Status: TimeLine Remove” will appear right under the button. When it is enabled, you will see a green check mark next to it. When disabled, in its place will be a red X and pages will show up with the Timeline layout. To keep Timeline deactivated and out of sight, you have the option to hide it when your right click the button. This will leave the extension running even if you don’t see the icon.

Chrome extension to hide timeline

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How To Unlike The Timeline Page of A Facebook Brand


Who doesn’t have a Facebook page today? With so many companies marketing to consumers online, it is absolutely necessary for companies to have a Facebook Page. Just when you have it figured out, Facebook has changed the page layout and one of those is the unlike link.

On pages without timeline the unlike options used to be in the left-hand column of pages, now they have changed it on pages with timelines.

If a company you like has converted to the new layout and you want to “unlike” them, follow these simple steps.

  • Go to the company’s page.
  • Look just below the cover photo and to the right of the gear icon.
  • Click on that down arrow to open the pulldown menu.
  • Select “unlike”

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A Visual Guide To Facebook Timeline For Pages

Facebook has a new feature called the Timeline for Pages, which has been rolled out and would be made compulsory for all pages in some time. Social media maven Mari Smith has now created a very useful visual guide for Timeline for Pages. The guide which is embedded below provides a visual explanation of the advanced features and layout and how these could be changed.

facebook timeline

How to View Your Facebook Photos in Pinterest Style

If you want to manage your Facebook photos or want to make your photo collection more attractive, you can now use a recent Web app known as Friendsheet that can create a panel layout for your Facebook photos just like Pinterest.


Pinterest gives a new look to your Facebook photos as it offers users an attractive layout that consists of panels. This makes your photos more attractive for visitors and browsing is much more fun due to pinned links and photos. All these features are now offered by a new web app known as Friendsheet. You have to follow simple step as described below to view your Facebook photos in Pinterest style.

Step # 1.  Go to Friendsheet and Login with Facebook id and password.

Step # 2. The message box will apear, Go to “Go To App” button. Here, you can authorize the Facebook app.Authorize_Friendsheet

Step # 3. As soon as you authorize the new app, Friendsheet will immediately display your photos in the new layout.Friendsheet_photo_layout

Step # 4. The new layout will allow you to enlarge photos by clicking on them. You can also like or comment on any particular photo with ease. You can use the Settings menu at the top to hide comments and captions from the layout.Friendsheet_settings

This is it! I hope that you will find the new layout much more intersting and attractive. So apply the new photo layout as soon as possible and surprise your Facebook friends.

Feel free to provide us your feedback for our blog in the comments below!!

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How To Play Music On Facebook Timeline

If you haven’t checked out the music section on the timeline you are sleeping on it. Read this article to find out how to play music on Facebook

If you’ve used your Facebook login on a online music streaming service, you will need to spend some time checking on the new timeline on Facebook . Don’t worry the music section on the timeline won’t be affected by you rearranging your accounts to not post to the news feed on Facebook. This also goes for social reader apps, likes and etc.

There’s really no such thing as spending too much time preparing your timeline for public viewing. The more active you are on Facebook the more you will discover and make your social media more interactive and a better experience. musicteaser

There should be a box labeled Music beneath the activity log button on the lower right-hand side of your profile but this depends on how often you are social networking. If you can’t find it, click on the box with the numeral on it and it should pop up.

To move the placement of any box, click on the upper-right-hand corner. You should see a pencil icon and pulldown menu. By default the timeline shows your four most played songs, albums and musical artists just click that box labeled music. To hide or unhide just click on the pencil icons near each feature.

To hide or feature a single item or the catergory simply move your mouse over the upper left-hand corner and a pulldown menu should pop up. Unfortunately, you will have go through this same process for each online music streaming service.

Most people want their friends to see what they like listening to but if you have professional friends and family on Facebook that might not be such a good idea. Especially if the selections include artists and songs that are outside of the mainstream.

Facebook Timeline Music

Hopefully Facebook will include privacy settings so only selective friend lists will be able to see the music section on the timeline and subsections. To be on the safe side about your timeline, take your time editing it and recheck everything. Be sure you view your profile using the “view as” so you can see your profile as others see it. It may look different to certain people and the public.

What are your discovery Readers, what are you discovering about your timeline?

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