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Facebook is the world’s largest social network in terms of users and revenues. With millions of users in its fold, Facebook has created a lot of tools for users to share their photos, videos and other useful information. Facebook photos is one of the most integral parts of Facebook. Facebook currently has more than 100 billion photos. In this guide book we have compiled numerous tips, tricks and how to tutorials for Facebook Photos that both novice and experienced users can use. You may want to bookmark this page for later reference. Additionally, we would highly appreciate if you can share this guide book with your friends and family.

How to View Your Facebook Photos in Pinterest Style

If you want to manage your Facebook photos or want to make your photo collection more attractive, you can now use a recent Web app known as Friendsheet that can create a panel layout for your Facebook photos just like Pinterest.


Pinterest gives a new look to your Facebook photos as it offers users an attractive layout that consists of panels. This makes your photos more attractive for visitors and browsing is much more fun due to pinned links and photos. All these features are now offered by a new web app known as Friendsheet. You have to follow simple step as described below to view your Facebook photos in Pinterest style.

Step # 1.  Go to Friendsheet and Login with Facebook id and password.

Step # 2. The message box will apear, Go to “Go To App” button. Here, you can authorize the Facebook app.Authorize_Friendsheet

Step # 3. As soon as you authorize the new app, Friendsheet will immediately display your photos in the new layout.Friendsheet_photo_layout

Step # 4. The new layout will allow you to enlarge photos by clicking on them. You can also like or comment on any particular photo with ease. You can use the Settings menu at the top to hide comments and captions from the layout.Friendsheet_settings

This is it! I hope that you will find the new layout much more intersting and attractive. So apply the new photo layout as soon as possible and surprise your Facebook friends.

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How to Create a Facebook Cover Photo on Android

You will be happy to hear that now you can also create & upload a cover photo right from your Android device without any hassle. There is an app called Facebook Timeline Covers: D33P which is available free of cost. You can freely download & install the app right away. So, once you upload the cover it will start appearing on your Facebook timeline. However, creating your photo cover by using this app would generate a watermark on the generated image.

After installation of this handy app, you may launch the app. The app will ask to get access your Facebook profile & ask to authenticate the modification of your contents afterwards. You can select the blank cover photo or your profile picture whichever you like to edit.

Facebook Cover Photo Android

In the app interface, you may scroll through different user-generated photo covers i.e., select any picture no matter where it is located e.g., at your friend’s wall, At your photo album Or even upload from your Android device.

After selecting the photo cover, you will get access to preview whatsoever you have uploaded in the previous step. Here, it is to be noted that the water mark will never appear until you upload your photo.

Facebook Cover Photo Android

Now, you may login to your Facebook profile. You should see some updates regarding the app which you used for creating the cover photos. Navigate to Albums & there you will see new photos created by the app.

Facebook Cover Photo Android


Now, from the links located beneath images (in app interface) you can choose to put any of these images/photos to be used as Cover Photo or Profile picture. You may leave the app interface by selecting either profile picture or cover photo. In case you do not want to change your profile picture, don’t change the profile picture area & leave it blank instead. You will have a new profile photo which has been replaced with a new photo if you choose the option to make the photo as profile picture.

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How to Upload iPhone Photos to Facebook

The built-in iPhone camera allows you to take quality pictures at any time if you keep your iPhone with you at all times. There may be some moments when you take a picture while moving and want to share it on your Facebook profile right away. If you still do not know how to do this, our article will guide you on how to upload iPhone photos to Facebook within minutes.

How to upload iPhone Photos to Facebook

  • Facebook iPhone App: The app required is the Facebook iPhone app to upload your iPhone photos to Facebook profile. Make sure you download it or update it to the latest version before proceeding any further with the process.
  • Upload from Camera: After installing Facebook app, launch it and tap on ‘Photos’ at the top centre of your screen. The screen will appear with options like “Choose from Library” and “Take Photo or Video”. Select “Take Photo or Video” from the options if you want to quickly take a photo using your iPhone camera. After capturing photo, select ‘Use’ button at the bottom of your screen. You can now write a caption for your picture and can tap on ‘Upload’ button. Your photo is now uploaded to your Facebook profile directly from your iPhone.

Upload iPhone Photos to Facebook

Upload iPhone Photos to Facebook

  • Upload from Library: As a second option, you can select “Choose from Library” to upload a photo to your Facebook profile from your photo library. This option will allow you to select any photo stored anywhere in your iPhone including Camera roll, Photo Library etc. After selecting a photo, write caption and use ‘Post’ button (at top right corner of screen) to automatically upload your photo to Facebook profile.

How to Upload Photo to Your Facebook Photo Albums (New or Existing)

  • Launch your Facebook iPhone app and select top left menu that will display the sidebar on your screen.

Upload iPhone Photos to Facebook

  • Select ‘Photos’ from the list of options available on sidebar. You can now access Photo albums on your iPhone.

Upload iPhone Photos to Facebook

  • At the photo album list page, click on the ‘+’ icon that is displayed on the top right of your screen. The new screen will appear containing three options including ‘New Album”, “Choose from Library” and “Take Photo or Video”.
  • To create a new album on your Facebook profile, select ‘New Album’ from the list of options and provide name and description for the new album.

Upload iPhone Photos to Facebook

  • After naming your new album, click on the name and select ‘+’ icon again at the top right corner of your screen. Now, again select from the two options ‘Take Photo or Video’ and ‘Choose from Library’. You can now follow the above mentioned three steps under the heading “How to upload iPhone Photos to Facebook”.

You can now upload all your favorite iPhone photos from your device directly to your Facebook profile. Let us know about your feedback for the tutorial in the comments below!!

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