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Google Calendar is a free web based calendar app from Google that was launched in 2006. It is now an integral part of Google’s web apps suite. In this guide book we have compiled numerous tips, tricks and how to tutorials for Google Calendar that both novice and experienced users can use. You may want to bookmark this page for later reference. Additionally, we would highly appreciate if you can share this guide book with your friends and family.

How to Sync Google Calendar with iPhone Calendar

Google calendar is a useful tool to keep and plan a well designed schedule. If you use Google calendar and depend on it to manage your schedule, it is mandatory for you to sync your iPhone with Google calendar. The problem with syncing your iPhone with Google calendar is that whenever you update your iPhone with the latest iOS, the sync between iPhone and Google calendar breaks automatically. In this article we will explain how to sync Google Calendar with iPhone Calendar.


For Single Google Calendar Account:

Following method will help you in syncing your iPhone with Google calendar every time you lose your sync. You need a CalDAV account to sync your device with the Google calendars.

  1. Go to Settings > Mail > Contacts > Calendars > Add Account.
  2. Select “Other” from the list of options and click on “Add CalDAV Account”.

Provide following details in the next screen

  • Sever:
  • Username: Provide your Google email account here
  • Password: Enter your password here
  • Description: Provide with any description you want.

This information will be used by iPhone to verify your account information. Once verified, the remaining settings will be adjusted automatically. The process works fine for you if you have only one Google calendar, but not if you own more than one Google calendar accounts.

For Multiple Google Calendar Accounts

In case you want to sync your device with multiple Google calendar accounts, go to Calendar Settings where you can see a private address. The Private address contains calendar address and calendar id. Note down the calendar id and replace it with the <Calendar id> in the following link.<Calendar ID>/user

For single Google calendar account, you provided only in the server info. Now replace it with the above link. Your iPhone will automatically adjust remaining settings of your multiple Google accounts once you are done with the server info.

Let us know about your experience with this method in the comments below!!!

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