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Google Maps, which was formerly known as Google Local is a web based mapping service launched by Google in 2005. Google Maps now has a lot of additional services or features such as Google Ride Finder, Google Transit and so on. Google Maps now have default apps for most mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. In this guide book we have compiled numerous tips, tricks and how to tutorials for Google Maps that both novice and experienced users can use. You may want to bookmark this page for later reference. Additionally, we would highly appreciate if you can share this guide book with your friends and family.

How to Hack a Collaborative Google Map to Share Food Reviews with Friends

You may have already use services like Yelp and Urbanspoon when you want to seek a place to eat, but sometimes these services are overwhelmed you with options. Another issue is the unrealistic comments you may find on these services posted by the owner or some written by people who simply can’t be pleased at any cost. To get rid of this problem and seek comments of your trusted friends or family, you can now create a map that only you and your friends can edit and comment on.

How to Hack a Collaborative Google Map to Share Food Reviews with Friends

collaborative gmaps

Step 1: Go to Google Maps in your Web browser (Any one that you like to work with). Log in to Google maps before jumping to the next step.collaborative gmaps

Step 2: Go to My places > Create Map.collaborative gmaps

Step 3: Provide details for the Map you created like a title and description. Here, you can choose to keep the map private so that only you and your friends can comment. This will keep your reviews and favorite places away from other viewers.collaborative gmaps

Step 4: You can now click on the Collaborate link that appears to alert your friends or family of the new map. You can provide the email addresses of your friends and can add some description about your Map.

How to Add places to your new food mapcollaborative gmaps

Step 5: Now, find all your favorite food spots in Google Maps.collaborative gmaps

Step 6: After finding one, click on the Save to Map link on the pane at the left-hand side of the web page.collaborative gmaps

Step 7: You can now save the Map by selecting the map we created in Step 3, and click Save.

Now, you can add as many restaurants to the map as you want and can leave comments about your favorite dishes or servers. You can edit the comments or locations on your Map by clicking Edit and selecting one from the blue-pegged locations. The location will appear on the map in the right-hand side pane with a box for you to add your comments. You can also delete the comments by using delete option if you change your mind about one of the restaurants any time in the future.

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How to Use Google Maps to Find Closest Restaurant in iPhone or iPad

Google Maps iPhone

The native Google Maps app for iPad or iPhone can help you find a closest restaurant or Pizza spot in case you want to quickly reserve your seats for a business dinner, or for a family event. You may find yourself at locations during your business traveling where you may find it difficult to find a place for quick lunch break. If you have an iPad and iPhone with you, you can easily find the closest restaurant for lunch using Google maps app on your device. You just have to follow steps as mentioned in this article.

How to Use Google Maps to Find Closest Restaurant in iPhone or iPad

1.       Go to Home Screen > Google Maps.

2.       Launch Google Maps app on your device and locate your current location. You can tap the arrow button at the bottom left to find your current location.Google Maps iPhone

3.       You may see a search option at the top of your screen. Type in anything about your desired food, restaurant type, name of famous food chains etc. For example, if you type pizza, Google app will identify all nearest pizza restaurants near your location and drop a pin on all locations to make it easier for you to get to your restaurant of choice.Google Maps iPhone

4.       You can also get more information about each restaurant by tapping the pin on each location. You can also use ‘Google Street View” icon and small blue chevron to get more information about the place including surroundings of the location.Google Maps iPhone

5.       Once the information is displayed on your screen, you can get access to the homepage of the restaurant by clicking the appropriate link. You can also make a call to make a reservation by tapping on the contact number of the restaurant but only if you are using iPhone.Google Maps iPhone

6.       Once you have made a decision about the restaurant, tap on the ‘Directions to Here’ button that you can find at the bottom of the info page. You can select if you are driving on your own, walking or taking a public transport and it will calculate estimated time of travelling.

Google Maps iPhone

This is it, you can find a best place for dinner or lunch from anywhere by the tapping screen of your iDevice for few times. Let us know about your experience with Google Maps app in the comments below!!!

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