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Opera is a free web browser that is being developed and maintained by Opera Software. Opera initially started as a research project at Telenor, a Norwegian Telecom giant in 1994, but was branched out as a separate company in 1995. The browser currently has over 200 million users worldwide. Opera has versions for almost all desktop and mobile platforms including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android, and iOS operating systems, and Java ME. In this guide book we have compiled numerous tips, tricks and how to tutorials for Opera that both novice and experienced users can use. You may want to bookmark this page for later reference. Additionally, we would highly appreciate if you can share this guide book with your friends and family.

How To Change or Disable Speed Dial in Opera

Speed Dial shows a certain number of sites or extensions whenever you open a new tab on the browser. It was first designed to help access popular sites quickly from the new tab without typing in the domain name on the address bar or going through the bookmarks.

Opera came out with relatively new features called Speed Dial extensions. It lets the users add extensions to show dynamic content on the browser’s new tab page.

The option to turn off Speed Dial is available for Opera users who have no need for the feature or those who want to open new tabs in their browser more quickly. The setting is not under the usual options but is hidden in the advanced configuration of Opera.


The fastest way to get there is to type opera:config#UserPrefs|SpeedDialState right in Opera’s address bar. This would highlight the Speed Dial State preference in opera:config.


To modify the Speed Dial functions of Opera or completely turn it off, just edit the parameter value. Below are the values and their effects.

  • 0 – This option will hide the Speed Dial feature on the new tab page.
  • 1 – With this option you will have the standard view mode.
  • 2 – This is for Read only mode. It fix the Speed Dial against any changes and is useful for Kiosk mode for instance.
  • 3 – A value of 3 disables Opera’s Speed Dial feature. This displays a blank page.

When you want to turn of Opera’s Speed Dial, switch the value of the parameter to 3, scroll down and hit the Save button. You do not have to relaunch the browser because the changes are immediate.

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