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How to Clone Content From Other Sites and Blogs To WordPress

There a lot of WordPress bloggers that frequently take up content or posts from other blogs or sites and then re-write or change it to have a write up of their own. We now have a new plugin from Andrew Norcross that allows WordPress users to copy content from any site by using the website URL. The plugin is called URL Cloner and it gives users the option to select the post type, publish status, category, author and perform other customizations.


The plugin can be a great asset specially when websites have incompatible CMS or some javascript that is prohibiting you from copying the content from the site. You can download URL Cloner from here. Do give it a try and let us know how it goes.

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How to Download All Images From A Tumblr Blog

Tumblr is an excellent platform to share interesting and at times hilarious images and other goodies with the rest of the world. The microblogging platform is extremely easy to use and as a result has become quite popular with the average user out there. Some Tumblr are so good that one which to download all of its image posts. In this article we will explain how to download all images from a Tumblr Blog.

How to Download All Images From A Tumblr Blog:

TumblRipper is a  Windows app that allows users to download all images from a Tumblog. The interesting thing about TumblRipper is that it is completely free. You can download all images from a Tumblog by performing the following steps:

  • Download TumblRipper and install it.
  • Now Run TumblRipper.
  • Provide it with the URL of the Tumblr blog that you want to rip to your hard drive.
  • Now provide a directory, where the images should be stored.
  • Press Load.tumblRipper

Let TumblRipper do its thing. Within no time you will have all images from your favorite Tumblr Blog on your hard drive.

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Top 5 Free Android Apps For Bloggers

Google Android is surely one of the best operating system ever created. It has gained significant amount of popularity within a short span of time. It has everything one blogger needs and you can easily afford an Android phone much cheaper than iPhone, the reason that made me put down iPhone. In this article we have share Top 5 free Android Apps for bloggers.

Blogger Application for Android


Google itself has created Blogger application for Android. You can easily write blog posts, moderate comments, check blog stats and edit blog posts with this simple and tiny application. This application is suitable and ideal for those bloggers who prefer to write short posts rather than long boring ones. It is exclusively created for bloggers keeping in mind the needs of the Google Blogger platform.

Download Blogger App For Android

WordPress Application for Android

It is an official application from Automattic Inc. for Android users. You can create, edit, draft, or publish blog posts easily with this useful app. You can check Blog visitor stats, moderate your blog comments and keep updated with your blog with a click of simple button. It is exclusively created for bloggers keeping in mind the requirements of the   WordPress platform.

Download WordPress App for Android

Google Analytics Application for Android


The best part of the blogging is watching your website progress, traffic and tracking users. Google Analytics is a professional Analytics tool, which   every blogger loves to uses in the blogging world. You can easily check your blog visitor stats; see IP of your visitors, track location and much more with this simple application. It is available for free on the Android market.

Download Google Analytics App For Android

EverNote Application for Android

Notes are the most important part of blogging as bloggers has so many tasks to perform. So, it’s easy to create stylish notes with this simple application. Whenever bloggers come up with a an idea or thought for his upcoming post, they can easily note it down in this app and simply transfer it to computer later.

Download EverNote App For Android

HootSuite Application for Android

HootSuite is one of the best social networking apps for Android users, which can be used with Facebook as well as twitter. You can easily schedule your tweets and track click through rate of your tweets with this simple app.

Download HootSuite App for Android

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How to Split a WordPress Post into Multiple Pages

heart-pages-bigThe bounce rate of a website or blog shows the no of users that visited a page on your site and then bounced off i.e. went away from your site. So a higher bounce rate means that a lot of users just view a page on your site and then go away. Therefore if you have a high bounce rate you can add a lot of page views to your monthly traffic stats by trying to decrease the bounce rates. One of the most certain ways to decrease the bounce rate is to split your longer pages or posts into multiple pages. This would ensure that each user who reads the post, views more than one page on your site. In this article we will explain how to split a WordPress post into multiple pages.

How to Split a WordPress Post into Multiple Pages

In order to split a WordPress post into multiple pages, Do the following:

  • Open the post in Editor.
  • Switch to HTML view.
  • Place the following html code in the post at a location from where you want to have a next page link displayed.


pagination-in-actionThe code can be added as many times as you like, depending on how many pages you want.

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How to Add Buttons, Textbox and Code Highlights in WordPress Posts

WordPress and Tumblr are certainly the two best blogging platforms available to bloggers. However, WordPress distinguishes itself from Tumblr due to its open source nature and the thousands of free plugins that can be used to customize it.

The WordPress installable package has improved tremendously over time. However, one short coming of the default WordPress package is that its post editor does not support HTML styles like button, textbox, highlight code or embedding video from a URL.

How to Add Buttons, Textbox and Code Highlights in WordPress Posts

WordPress now has a useful plugin called Shortcode Press, which allows you to add buttons, textboxes, text highlight etc along with a lot of customization options.

You will see a TinyMCE button in your editor, after you have installed Shortcode Press. By clicking the button, you can easily insert message boxes, buttons, video and highlighted text into your WordPress posts and pages.

Add button, text, highlights in wordpress

Just press the button and you will be presented with the options to add buttons, text boxes, video embeds or text highlights. You can also customize the buttons or text boxes that you add by selecting their color, border or background etc.

Add button, text, highlights in wordpress

Shortcode Press also allows you to manually insert buttons and boxes using the code listed below:

  • Boxes : [box options]
  • Content of the box[/box]
  • Buttons: [button options]
  • Button text[/button]
  • Video :
  • Highlight: highlight text

All in all Shortcode Press is a very well written plugin and is one that definitely serves a much needed purpose.

Shortcode Press

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How to Find Out What is Slowing Down Your WordPress Site

Anyone can tell when any of their sites are having some sort of performance issues.  When the website is slow it could be that the plugins that are being used are not configured right or could be using a lot of the resources on your computer.  The normal user of WordPress may not be able to diagnose what the problem is right away.

P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)  is a free tool that can help any WordPress user to find out which plugins could be slowing down the site.  This tool can help any user to test the site to see what the plugins are doing for your load time.

What Makes It Work?

Once you have installed the plugin it is a good idea to go to the settings page and get the scan started.  The scan shouldn’t last very long, but it will really do a good job of checking everything out.  While the scan is going on it will help to generate traffic for your site along with helping to monitor the performance of your site on the server being used.  You are able to view the results once the scan has been completed and help you be able to make the next move for future plugins.

Plugin Performance Profiler


It is a good idea to look at each of the tabs to see how the plugins are affecting your site.  This will help you see what plugins are causing the most trouble.

Plugin Performance Profiler

A Detailed Timeline:
The detailed timeline provides a breakdown of each page and how the loading works, including:

  • The timing of each plugin used
  • The timing of the theme being used
  • The timing of the Core of WordPress being in general

Plugin Performance Profiler

Not all plugins work on every page, some will work only on certain pages.  You can focus on certain links on your site by doing a “Manual Scan” and visit that particular link.  To go between the Admin pages, you should put an “X” in the top right of the scan window in order to go between the two windows.

How To Use The Results…

You are able to take the results you find and have them emailed to yourself, or others who help keep your WordPress site running.  This can help to make sure that you are going in the right direction and be able to make sure the performance of these plugins are not causing problems.  It is believed that the Godaddy site built this to help not only their customers, but also to  help WordPress out.

If you see that your site has pretty much slowed down to something like a crawl, it may be a good idea to use the P3 to see if it is one of the plugins being used.  If necessary, you can stop using the plugin(s) that are causing the most problems and then find a way to get the plugin in to work better on your site.

P3 has a great help section that shares all the possible scenarios that can cause problems, in case the plugins aren’t the problem, along with other FAQ’s.  The glossary that is at the end of the help section can help you understand what the results are telling you from the scan you have done.

P3 is available for free and can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository.  It is a good idea to bookmark this tool for the next time you need some help.  You might want to try it out today on your site to see what plugins might be causing problems for your particular WordPress Site.

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How To Make Your Tumblr Blog Look Better With Premium Themes

We all know that when a theme of your own choice is applied to any interface, it makes the site look less dull and more attractive thus enabling the user to feel comfy. Themes for blogs are an essential and integral part of blogs. Themes help avail benefits such as SEO optimization, zero inclusion of plug-ins, auto-support for parts such as forums and auto updates to facilitate the working. Although the free themes do a lot, the premium themes do even more. Paid themes further enable the user to get assured of the blog authority, security and individuality.

For all those who have a Tumblr blog, there is a huge variety of Premium Themes available there. These are highly recommended as they really make an excellent use of all the available features and utilities. In this article we will explain how to make your Tumblr blog look better with premium themes.

Some Benefits of Premium Themes

Some of the themes are so professional looking that they change your blog into an impressive portfolio or more like a cinematography site featuring animations and transitions. Despite the availability of free themes, one should not compromise on his reputation by compromising on their aesthetic sense. These Premium themes make your Tumblr blog look better than ever before.

So let’s take a look at the steps of choosing the Premium Theme for your Tumblr Blog in a short while.

How To Make Your Tumblr Blog Look Better With Premium Themes

Starting with the search, it is vital that you look for the best Premium Theme for your Tumblr Blog. The premium themes for Tumblr are available at This is the URL of the Tumblr blog theme garden which can be accessed any time.


From the link provided above, you can preview all the Premium themes along with their rates. Try to look for themes that are designed according to the domain specification as well as try to base the criteria of selection on more of its unique features. A theme matching the concept of your blog would be a good fit. You can get any of the Premium Themes at a price range of $9 to $49.

When you have chosen the perfect theme for your blog, click to see its preview. Preview will help you decide whether it really is good for the blog or not.


Sometimes there is no change on the layout of posts but the sections such as description and header can be customized from your blog even after the purchase. Click on the tab Appearance to know more about the selected theme and its features.


The premium theme selected can also be previewed from the customization page by going to the Dashboard, clicking customize (on the left) and select Theme (tab).


It should be noted here that the Premium themes are always listed first in your Dashboard.

Making the purchase to get Premium Theme and customizing your blog

You can make the purchase by clicking the tab Purchase Theme.


You will be prompted by the message box asking you to enter the credit card info. After entering the info, click Next.


On seeing the card’s last four digits on the popup, continue the purchase and click Confirm to buy the theme.

The payment processing might take some time after which you can alwas get back to the regular Dashboard.

In order to apply the new purchased theme to your blog, click save and close to apply the changes.

Explore the Appearance tab options and customize this theme again by changing its colors or fonts.



If you want to make code-related changes, then select the Theme tab and click the Edit HTML button present at its bottom.


The purchased theme will only apply to the blog that you have purchased it for. If you need to have different themes for your blog, then there is no other way but to buy each blog a specific theme.

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How to Get Detailed Tumblr Blog Statistics With Google Analytics

Every blogger is keenly interested to know how many people reads what he has to say. There could be other things that a blogger would wish to know like the sources from where the visitors arrived, the platforms that they used and the keywords that they used to search for a specific post on the blog.

This can be easily done with the help of the free online analytics tool provided by Google. Google Analytics enables users to generate detailed statistics of their Tumblr blog. So if you really want to see a precise report, here is how it looks.

How to Get Detailed Tumblr Blog Statistics With Google Analytics

Get to know your Tumblr  Stats in just two steps

First of all register with Google Analytics and add it’s tracking code to your Tumblr blog. After having done that view the detailed report of your Tumblr blog.

Create an new account with Google Analytics

The very first step is to add the tracking code to your Tumblr blog. The whole process of signup for this online tool is really very simple. Go to the following url: and click the ‘Sign Up Now‘ link given below the tab of ‘Access Analytics’ in blue color. Then you will be asked to sign in with your Google account. After that sign in, you will be again redirected to sign up where you would have to start the registration process.

Here you will find the New Account Signup page, where you will be asked to enter the address of your Tumblr blog and your account name after selecting the country and the time zone.

Click ‘Continue’ and enter your contact information like your name and current location.


On clicking the ‘Continue’ button again, you will come to a license agreement where you have to accept the terms and conditions by checking the box. Lastly click the button ’Create New Account’.


Here you will find that you need to enter the analytics tracking code to your Tumblr blog. However, Tumblr also allows you to only use the Tracking ID instead of the code to add Google Analytics for your Tumblr blog. This ID is present in the code in the form of UA-[8 digits]-[single digit]. Just copy this and carry out the next step.

Start inserting Google Analytics to your Tumblr Blog

This is mainly done through a Tumblr theme. Most of the Tumblr themes support Google Analytics. So, click the button ‘Customize’ on your dashboard and select the ‘Appearance’ tab to display a drop-down list.

Here a Google Analytics ID text box or  Google Analytics Web Property ID will appear and you have to paste your copied ID. Save the changes and close the window.

However it is also possible that your theme does not support the Analytics field, in such a case you will have to copy the whole code you saw after opening the account in the above section.

In order to do so, click ‘Customize’ on your dashboard, ‘Theme’ tab, and then click the ‘Use custom HTML’ button at the bottom and this will open the site code. Here look for the </head> tag and paste the code above it.

All set to view your current stats now

At this point you are all ready to get the snapshot of the account stats. Click ‘Access Analytics’ on the URL mentioned above and log in. This will direct you to the Analytics Settings page and here you can see your blog name in the Websites Profile table.

After clicking View Report the dashboard will open up where some cool graphs are there for you to navigate alongwith the options on the left pane.


Make us part of your experience by sharing with us. So all sorts of feedback and comments are welcome!

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How To Create A Beautiful and Easy To Use Blog with Tumblr

Blogging is one of the most powerful connecting tool in this world of technology. This helps people to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences ranging from topics like recipes, products, skills, services and many more things. With microblogging sites, it has become even easier now.

The old blogging ways are being shunned as sites like Tumblr  have eased the life of the people after providing its exceptional platform for blogging. Not only is it free, but is also very simple and easy to use. Tumblr helps you post the text and photos or videos without getting into any clutter. In this article we will explain how to create a beautiful and easy to use blog with Tumblr:

How To Create A Beautiful and Easy To Use Blog with Tumblr

Sign up:

The sign up is the first thing to do which is very simple and absolutely free. Go to and create an account by submitting your email address, setting up a desired password and the URL that you will be using for your blog whenever you write.

The name of the blog can always be changed later, so that is nothing to worry about. After signing up by clicking the tab ‘Start Posting’, you are directed to your page. But before that you are prompted to type in the Captcha words. Enter the given words and click the tab, ‘I’m Human’. This will land you directly to your blog writing and posting page.


Text Editor

Now you will be provided with a lot of tools to create your own blog. Select from any of the following that you intend to post text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio or video.

This text editor window is very easy and simple to use. The standard keyboard shortcuts can always be used here for editing. When you are done writing your content hit ‘Create Post’ to publish your post.


Upload Photo

Your blog can be accompanied by your photo and to do so, upload a photo by clicking ‘Choose File’, browse through your file and select the desirable photo. Tumblr also allows you to give the link for the image or take a fresh picture from webcam right there and then.

Attach Link

Tumblr also enables you to post a link on your blog. If you have any articles on same topics or anything else like this. Just type the title and paste the URL in the respective places, also add some description about the link and then click ‘Create post’.


Blog Customization

You are always given the option to customize your blog. You can either select any representative photo for that or you can always use the customized option by clicking on ‘Show all appearance options’ for further help.


This customization assistance by Tumblr enables you to work on blog themes, appearances, pages, services, community and many other advanced options. When you have selected everything of your choice, click ‘Save here’. With a huge variety of free and premium themes available, Tumblr always helps the users select the best for themselves.


Tumblr is a wonderful way to connect and share thoughts online. It enables you to rate your own writing skill and analyze where you stand. It is not only very simple to use but is also very informative.

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10 Useful Tips For Beginners To Get Started With Tumblr

Tumblr is as close to an addictive blogging platform as one could get. Despite other blogging sites on internet like Posterous or WordPress, we could safely say that Tumblr is the best micro-blogging platform out there. The micrblogging site has for sure caught us in its rage and in no time we have learnt so many new things about it that other new users might not be able to have grasped that quickly. In this article we will present 10 useful tips for beginners to get started with Tumblr.

10 Useful Tips For Beginners To Get Started With Tumblr 

1. The Terms – Following and Followers:

Blogging on Tumblr is a bit different from other platforms in a way that your blog is not just restricted to yourself. Just like any social networking site like Twitter, your blog is going to have some followers. Similarly the blogs you like can be followed too. The easiest and fastest way to do that is by clicking on the tab Dashboard and then Explore.  This will open up a page that will show a list of popular topics blogged by the members. Bloggers post on vast variety of topics whether its food, tattoos or architecture.

Even if you cannot find a blog that is of interest to you, you can always search for the topic by finding such bloggers who are writing about it. Surely you will find at least ten bloggers discussing the topic of your interest.

2. Use tags to mark your search

Tumblr offers you a feature to save your search by tagging it. In this way you can always view your favorite searches whenever you like. Click the tab ‘Track this tag’ and it opens the record of all the previous searches for you. Your Dashboard on the right side of the page will also display the tags that you are tracking.

3. Ask questions after re-posting

It’s very natural that whenever you join such a networked blogging platform, you tend to fill up your homepage with loads of content. This is one way of making people follow you. Another easier and quicker way to get followed is by re-blogging posts of other bloggers.

Don’t be shy here, as reblogging on Tumblr is very common. When you like a post after finding it in the search and you want to reblog it on your homepage, bring the cursor to the upper right corner of the post and click there. A small menu will appear when the page downloads show on each Tumblr blogpost unless the the blogger who has posted the post disabled that option.


Click the button Reblog, and get the blog reposted on your page. By clicking the Heart button you can always show a gesture of appreciation to the blog owner and still can repost it.

4. Leaving comments

The method of leaving a comment on Tumblr is different from other blogging sites. In order to do this, go to Account, select Preferences and click Customize your blog. Click on the tab Community and check any one or both of the Reply Options.

Tumblr prevents spam by allowing only those who are following you to leave comments or send replies. There is also a setting that enables your followers to comment after following you for two weeks or more.

5. Posting Submissions and RSS Feeds

Tumblr has come up with a very interesting feature, that is, a blogger can always post a submission to your blog. It is surprising to see that some of the blogs on Tumblr are entirely made up of submissions by different bloggers. In your account settings, use the Preferences tab to change its settings.

Tumblr settings can always be setup to get posts from the RSS Feeds.

6. Share it on Facebook or Twitter

The feature of sharing your blog automatically on facebook and twitter accounts is provided by Tumblr itself. The blogger is at full liberty to choose the settings he prefers.


Getting your posts submitted after every hour might get your followers a bit uneasy and it can prove to be a great turn off and this holds for other linked social networking sites too. So always be careful on setting this preference.

7. Change backgrounds by customizing in your favorite colors

Tumblr offers many background themes that are absolutely free and enables a blogger to design his page according to his taste while using the variety of font and background colors, without using any CSS coding to get the background altered. Change this by selecting the Appearance tab after hitting the Preferences.

8. Put your posts in a queue

Tumblr has this great feature of enabling you to queue up all your posts and get them posted after certain intervals of time. This is usually done when a blogger has a lot of content but does not want his followers to get overloaded with his posts. The feature enables the blogger to select the day and time for those posts to become public.

This feature can work on more than one blog at a time. This allows a blogger to write as much as he wants for the blog that he wants but get them posted one after the other instead of at once. Drafts can always help you save the post you are working on and help you get back and work on it again.

9. Talk through chat post

Tumblr offers seven types of posts and posting a chat is one of them. One might think that perhaps holding on it might enable you to talk to the ones you are following or your own followers but that is not the case here. This feature allows you to repost a chat that you had on Instant Message or iChat and you think it’s worth sharing.

Tumblr however has a way for a blogger to communicate and have a dialogue with his followers. You can enable this option by going to the Preferences tab. Change the ‘Ask me anything’ line too, to any other thing you like, for example ‘No question is too personal, so ask’ or ‘I’m all ears, you can start by asking’.


10. Get your blog published

Tumblr blogs can also get published in a book or in pdf format. Feed Fabrik makes it possible for you to do so. Once you are finished setting up an account, Tumblr blogs will get imported on the site all ready to be converted into a book.

How good is Tumblr? Do let us know and also give me feedback if you have any suggestion to add to this article or any other feature that we have missed out.

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