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What Annoy Most People About Email [Infographic]

95% of US online consumers use email for communication and business. Email is a great tool to interact and reach new, existing, and future clients. Email is not without its annoyances however, some of which can truly irritate even the most enthusiastic of users. Despite these issues, email has never been replaced and will continue to grow in the coming years. The infographics embedded below shows what annoy most people about email.



How to Block Users From Pinning Your Wordpress Articles Or Images

Pinterest is the latest social media sensation. Most of us love pinning, but there might be some people who would not want their content to be pinned and accessed on other websites. This may specially be true for people having premium content such as high end photography and so on. In this article we will explain how to block users from pinning your WordPress articles or images.Block Pinterest

How to Block Users From Pinning Your WordPress Articles Or Images

WordPress now has a new plugin called, the Pinterest Block plugin which allows you to protect your copyright. The plugin allows you to do the following:

  • Block pages with the use of Pinterest’s meta tag.
  • Block specified page type such as home page, front page, archives and so on.
  • Block individual posts and pages.pinterest-block

For everyone who does not want to participate in the Pinterest revolution and wants to protect their copyrights, just use the plugin and rest assure that your images or articles wont appear on Pinterest.

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How to Hide Comments on Pins in Your Pinterest Stream

Pinterest is the latest social media craze to hit the block. One of Pinterest’s most eye catching feature is its endless stream of tiled photos about things that may interest you. However, this endless stream of photos can be cluttered pretty quickly with likes and comments.  may be its most luring feature, but comments and likes quickly clutter the design, especially when an interesting Pin prompts dozens of likes and comments. In this article we will explain how to hide comments on pins in your Pinterest stream.

How to Hide Comments on Pins in Your Pinterest Stream

We now have a bookmarklet created by Craig Fifield that can let you toggle between viewing and hiding comments on Pinterest. The comments on Pinterest are hidden when the bookmarklet is active and vice versa.

Pinterest Comments before and after

You can get the bookmarklet by visiting Craig’s page or you can just drag and drop this link on your bookmarks bar: Toggle Pinterest Comments.

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How to Add a Pinterest Badge to Your WordPress Blog

Pinterest is the new social media sensation to have hit the web. The virtual bulletin board allows users to pin their favorite recipies, places, home improvement ideas and other likes on virtual boards. Most Pinterest users also have WordPress blogs and might want to share their pins on their WordPress sites as well. In this article we will explain how to add a Pinterest badge to your WordPress blog.

Pinterest Badge Widget

We now have a new plugin that allows WordPress users to showcase their latest Pinterest activity on their WordPress site. Pinterest Badge is the name of this new widget. It lets you display any number of your recent pins. The badge links your WordPress blog to your Pinterest profile and also shows the number of your Pinterest followers on your blog.

Pinterest Badge Widget

How to Add a Pinterest Badge to Your WordPress Blog

The installation of Pinterest badge is pretty simple.

  • You would just have to download it from the WordPress repository and drop it in the plugins directory of your site.
  • Alternately, you can also download and install it from within your WordPress blog.
  •  Once the Pinterest badge is installed, activate it.
  • After you have activated the Pinterest badge, you would be able to see the Pinterest widget in your Appearance > Widgets section.
  • Go to Appearance > Widgets and drag it to your sidebar.
  • You would have to provide your Pinterest ID and the badge would then fetch yor pins onto your WordPress blog.
  • The Pinterest badge is pretty customizable, you can also select your pin size and background/border color.

So if you want to market your Pinterest profile to your WordPress followers, do get the Pinterest badge on your WordPress site.

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A Marketers Guide To Pinterest [Infographic]

Marketers can no longer ignore Pinterest, the fastest growing social site around. The virtual pinboard has users so addicted that they are now spending roughly 98 minutes per month pinning fashion, food, wedding planning tips, architecture, craft ideas, and cute pet photos. The site’s meteoric growth is unprecedented, forcing marketers to ask, “Show we get in on this ?”. The infographics embedded below takes a look at the who, why and how of Pinterest to make it easier for marketers to decide whether to embrace Pinterest or not.


Why EveryOne Should Be Interested In Pinterest [Infographic]

Pinterest is capturing user attention more quickly than anyother social network out there. One of the key features of Pinterest is to allow users to pin their likes, desires and things to do etc in a visual way. The infographics embedded below takes a look at why everyone and their mom should be interested in Pinterest.


Users Spending More Time On Pinterest Than Twitter LinkedIn And Google Combined [Infographic]

Pinterest has certainly taken the limelight in the world of social media. The virtual bulletin board social network has become the fastest startup in the history of Internet startups to have reached 10 million user mark. The infographics embedded below now reveals an even bigger achievement of this new social media craze. According to the infographics, users are now spending more time on Pinterest than Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and Google+ combined. That is by no means a small feat.


How Powerful Has Pinterest Become [Infographic]

By now everyone has heard of Pinterest, the new social media darling to hit the stage. The online virtual bulletin board is growing at an astounding pace. In fact it has become the fastest growing startup in the history of the Internet to reach 10 million visitor mark. The infographics embedded below takes a look at how powerful has Pinterest become in a short span of time.


How to View Your Facebook Photos in Pinterest Style

If you want to manage your Facebook photos or want to make your photo collection more attractive, you can now use a recent Web app known as Friendsheet that can create a panel layout for your Facebook photos just like Pinterest.


Pinterest gives a new look to your Facebook photos as it offers users an attractive layout that consists of panels. This makes your photos more attractive for visitors and browsing is much more fun due to pinned links and photos. All these features are now offered by a new web app known as Friendsheet. You have to follow simple step as described below to view your Facebook photos in Pinterest style.

Step # 1.  Go to Friendsheet and Login with Facebook id and password.

Step # 2. The message box will apear, Go to “Go To App” button. Here, you can authorize the Facebook app.Authorize_Friendsheet

Step # 3. As soon as you authorize the new app, Friendsheet will immediately display your photos in the new layout.Friendsheet_photo_layout

Step # 4. The new layout will allow you to enlarge photos by clicking on them. You can also like or comment on any particular photo with ease. You can use the Settings menu at the top to hide comments and captions from the layout.Friendsheet_settings

This is it! I hope that you will find the new layout much more intersting and attractive. So apply the new photo layout as soon as possible and surprise your Facebook friends.

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