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How to Download Videos From YouTube And Other Sources

download videos from youtube

Today, almost all internet users visit YouTube and watch videos there. The videos are uploaded constantly after every second on the video sharing website. You can watch videos under every possible category including religion, politics, funny videos, how to tutorials, educational, etc.

While watching a YouTube video online, you may want to download a video to your computer or other devices for offline viewing or for editing . You can download a video from YouTube by following simple steps but the legality of downloading videos is still up in the air. As Google includes in its terms of service that YouTube is intended to be an in-browser experience. You may find different policies for downloading content on different video sharing websites that adds to the confusion. It is recommended to read policies on the video Web sites before trying to download any video from the website.

Once you make sure that downloading is legal from a particular video sharing website, you can use the following three tools that allows to download video from just about any video-sharing site.


1. KeepVid. KeepVid is almost compatible with all video sharing websites including YouTube, MegaVideo, DailyMotion, Vimeo and Metacafe and by far it is the fastest way to grab just about any video from the Web.

  • First, open a video on any video website.
  • Second, Copy the URL of that video.
  • Go to
  • Paste the link in the bar at the top and click “Download” button visible at the right of that bar.

You will have to wait for few seconds until KeepVid loads the video, then it will allow you to download the file in different formats including MP4, FLV (Flash), or WebM format. We recommend MP4 for better quality of downloaded video and compatibility.

2. NetVideoHunter (Firefox). This is a Firefox browser add-on that can work with many popular video sites like YouTube and Facebook. You have to install the extension from the add-on site and a button will appear to your toolbar on Firefox.

You can use this extension for downloading videos by visiting a page with embedded video. The NetVideoHunter will start flashing on your browser that indicates that the video can be downloaded. If you want to download the video,  just click the Download button.

Unfortunately, there is no such extension for Google Chrome similar to NetVideoHunter.

3. Desktop software. If you are not comfortable with online apps and browser extensions for downloading online videos, you can always use a desktop application on your Mac or Windows computer that is dedicated to downloading Web video. You can download and install MacTubes for Mac while Windows users can use Free YouTube Downloader. Both programs are very popular among users and you can download them from number of websites on internet.

I Hope you will enjoy your YouTube videos offline now after reading this blog. Let us know about your experience with offline viewing in the comments below!!

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How to Share an iPad Video on YouTube or Facebook

How-to-upload-videos-to-Facebook-and-YouTube-from-new-iPadIf you have bought the new iPad, you may have already noticed that the new iPad has a much improved camera than older iPads. You can easliy use this camera to take high quality vidoes that can be shared with your friends and family on Facebook or YouTube.

There a re many iOS and iPad apps available that make it easy to share videos on YouTube and Facebook.

How to share an iPad video on YouTube

Sharing videos that you create using your new iPad on YoutTube is very easy as iOS for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch has YouTube integration built right in.

  1. Select Video. To select a video to share on YouTube, tap on Photos app and select any video that you want to share.How-to-upload-videos-to-Facebook-and-YouTube-from-new-iPad
  2. Send Video to YouTube. You can see an arrow icon at the upper right hand corner of your screen. Click the icon and tap “Send to YouTube”.How-to-upload-videos-to-Facebook-and-YouTube-from-new-iPad
  3. Sign in Your YouTube Account. If you already have an account on YouTube, sign in to YouTube by providing user name and password.How-to-upload-videos-to-Facebook-and-YouTube-from-new-iPad
  4. Provide Video Details. The next screen will ask you about the details of your video. This may include title of your Video, description, tags, and category. You can choose between the different resolutions for your uploaded video. You can select either high definition version or standard definition. We recommend you to use High definition version by tapping on HD. Please note that HD version takes longer to upload, if you want a quick upload, you can use standard version for your video.

This is it!! Your new iPad will start uploading your video to your YouTube account automatically. There is no need to wait till whole video is uploaded as new iPad allows you to close Photos app and continue doing other things on your iPad while it upload the video quietly in the background. The new iPad will notify you by displaying a pop up on your screen once the upload successfully completes.

How to share a video on Facebook

While the Photo app can work for uploading videos on YouTube , you need a Facebook for iPad app for uploading videos on Facebook. “Facebook for ipad” is free to download.

Once you have downloaded and installed free Facebook app on your iPad, you can now upload a video. The process is same for uploading a photo on Facebook using “Facebook for iPad“.

  1. Launch Facebook app. Go to your iPad Home screen and launch the Facebook app.
  2. Sign in Your Facebook account. The app will ask you to sign in to your Facebook account, provide your user name and password.How-to-upload-videos-to-Facebook-and-YouTube-from-new-iPad
  3. Go to Photo. Tap on the Photo option at the top under the main navigation bar.
  4. Select or Create a Video. The next screen will ask you to take a new video or choose one from the library to upload on Facebook.
  5. Select Video from Library. For this tutorial, select a video from your library. If you want, you can also take a video and upload it directly.How-to-upload-videos-to-Facebook-and-YouTube-from-new-iPad
  6. Find a video. You can now find and select a video in your photo library to upload on Facebook. How-to-upload-videos-to-Facebook-and-YouTube-from-new-iPad
  7. Provide Video details. Once You have selected a video, you can now provide details about the video that includes video description, title etc. Before posting your video, you can also change a few settings. It is optional for you to provide these details as you can upload the video without including any information. To upload, you just have to tap on the “Post” button at the upper right hand corner of your screen.How-to-upload-videos-to-Facebook-and-YouTube-from-new-iPad
  8. Tag Friends and Family. If you want to tag some of your friends and family in your video or photo, just click the icon with a person on the left and provide the name of the person you want to tag. Once you start typing the name, a list will automatically pop up on your screen, tap your friend’s name.How-to-upload-videos-to-Facebook-and-YouTube-from-new-iPad
  9. Add a location. You can add a location to your Video or Photo by tapping on the “Location” and providing details in the text box.How-to-upload-videos-to-Facebook-and-YouTube-from-new-iPad
  10. Select a Group. If you only want to share your video or photo with a selected group of people, you can Tap on the little gear in the right bottom corner of your screen to adjust what group of people or lists can view your video or photo.How-to-upload-videos-to-Facebook-and-YouTube-from-new-iPad
  11. Done. Once you have selected all option accordingly, you can now tap on “Post” to upload the media on your Facebook profile.

I hope you will find this tutorial helpful and interesting, keep reading our blog for more upcoming how to tutorials on the new iPad and its interesting features. Feel free to share your feedback in the comments below!!

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How To Download All YouTube Videos From A User, Playlist Or Channel

If you are an active YouTube user, at times you may face a situation in which you may like a playlist or a channel and want to watch every video that belongs to that channel or playlist. In such case, you may find it difficult to watch every video from that channel or playlist in one motion as some channels may contain hundreds of videos. The easy way out is to download all the videos from a particular playlist or a channel to your local storage device so that you can watch them any time in future without any need to connect to internet. This is also helpful if you have limited internet connectivity and you want to watch YouTube videos offline.

Downloading YouTube videos is now possible with an application known as Free YouTube Download. By using this application, you can download a single video or a whole collection of videos from a playlist or a channel. This application also allows you to download videos from music category and movies, or more. The app contains some exciting advanced downloading features that can help you in managing your downloads. The app is overall user friendly and is very simple to use.

You can use this application for multistream downloading. To customize the output name, you can use the Edit option in the  main menu. Another feature offered by this application is an option to save and load links from external text files. You can also save download history and can import videos to iTunes automatically. Free YouTube Download allows you to convert your videos in any format like AVI, MP4 and WMV or you can keep original YouTube quality. You can use dropdown list to change the quality options for your download as shown in the picture. Quality

You can use the Play button to start downloading once you provide all mandatory details to download a particular YouTube video. The application will show you a progress bar and percentage indicator to helps you in keeping track of the remaining download

Free YouTube Download provides you a complete set of extensive options that includes General, Performance, Output, Advanced, and Language.

General: You can use this category to set anydesired video quality for your download. You can also add auto launch at windows startup and browser context menu integration using General category. Some other uses of General category are to Save or Clear history and to add output files to new iTunes playlist. You can set number of preferences for your downloads. You may find it useful to explore General category before starting your downloads.

Advanced:  In Advanced category, you can explore more intersting options that include Automatic download, Auto-paste URL’s from Clipboard, Get info for every video in the playlist, etc.

Output: This category is helpful in managing your downloads as it offers you to add numbering for downloads, Include upload date, Include original YouTube title, and many other features.options

I believe, Free YouTube Download is only application available online that provides a convenient solution to download multiple videos from a YouTube channel or playlist. These downloads can be veiwed offline later without any need for an internet connection. You can use Free YouTube Download’s iTunes integration for your portable media device that can provide you a best solution for all your video needs anywhere. The process for downloading a video is very simple, you just need to enter the URL of a video, playlist or a channel, select any format you prefer and click Play to start download. Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista and Windows 7, are supported by Free YouTube Download if .NET Framework 2 or higher is installed on your PC.

Let us know about your experience with Free YouTube Download or share your feedback with us in the comments below!!

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How to Save YouTube Videos Directly To Your Dropbox Account with VideoDropper

If you have been tired and exhausted of searching simple ways to download YouTube videos, then VideoDropper is the one you should look for. It is an innovative application that saves YouTube videos directly to your Drop Box Account.

video Dropper

VideoDropper is surely a timesaving application that saves videos directly into your dropbox on a stroke of a single click. You can view the video or transfer it to your mobile device without any difficulty.

Since there are loads of features in this app, there are two drawbacks which if solved, then this apps will works magic. The first one is that it dumps the video directly into the root folder without specifying the folder. It would have been great if it asks or shows the folder, where files have been saved like /Apps/VideoDropper/. Second, it does not display the download indication when you load a URL or click bookmarker as it simply dumps the file in your Dropbox root directory. There is no indication whether the file is downloading or cancelled but the important work of Saving YouTube videos directly to your dropbox account is carried out without any difficulty.

Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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How to Stop YouTube From Recording The Videos That You Watch Or Search

Remove Youtube Record

Youtube records all the videos that you watch or search for on the site. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, given the fact that the video hosting and sharing site is owned by Google. You can easily wipe clean this history. However, Youtube provided no option to stop it from archiving your activities on the site. This has changed as Youtube now enables you to disable your video watching activities on the site. In this article we will explain how to stop Youtube from recording the videos that you watch or search.

How to Stop YouTube From Recording The Videos That You Watch Or Search

In order to stop Youtube from recording your activities on the site, do the following:

  • Sign in to Youtube.
  • Now go to Settings.
  • Click on the Video Manager tab.
  • Go to History from the menu on the left.
  • Click on “Pause viewing history” to stop Youtube from keeping a history of all watched videos.
  • You can also clear all your viewing history by clicking the “Clear all viewing history” button.
  • Now go to Search History from the menu on the left.
  • Click on “Pause search history” button to stop Youtube from keeping a history of all your video searches.
  • Wipe out your video search history by clicking the “Clear all search history” button.

You can always resume the video and search history by going back to History and Search History menus in the Video Manager.

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How to Upload iPhone Video to Youtube

You may have used the built-in iPhone camera to shoot some very interesting videos that you want to share on video sharing websites like YouTube. Many users who upload their iPhone videos to YouTube transfer their videos to the computer first, but you can also upload all your iPhone videos to your YouTube account directly by following a simple process. This article will guide you about the process of uploading iPhone videos to your YouTube account in steps to make it simple for you.

How to Upload iPhone Video to Youtube

  1. Your YouTube account: If you still do not have a YouTube account, register yourself on YouTube and create your account.
  2. Choose a Video: Go to Photo Gallery > Camera roll and select any iPhone video.
  3. You may have noticed a box at the lower left hand corner with an arrow coming out of it, tap on the box.upload-iphone-video-to-youtube
  4. The next screen will show you a number of options like “Send to YouTube” and “Email Video”. You can select “Send to YouTube” that will ask you about your YouTube login details.
  5. The next screen will ask you about setting different video parameters including category of the video, description of your video, tags and title.publish-video-to-youtube-from-iphone
  6. After providing all the details about your video, you can click “Publish” to upload your video to your YouTube account.

Wait for a few minutes depending on the length of your video and your video will be uploaded to YouTube. You will be notified when the upload is completed as the dialogue box will appear with options like “Tell a friend” and “View on YouTube”. Tell your friends about your new video and enjoy the comments, But don’t forget to comment about this article in the text box below!!!

How to Watch Full Screen YouTube Videos in iPad

iPad Youtube Full Screen Video

How to Watch Full Screen Youtube Videos in iPad

YouTube app provides you with an option to view video in full screen mode.

  1. To view video in full screen, turn your iPad to the landscape orientation first.
  2. Double tap the video in YouTube app that will zoom the video to full screen and remove black borders around the video.

How To Hide YouTube, Safari and Other Default App Icons in iOS 5

 Hide Youtube, Safari App Icon

 Many of the Apple’s default apps and their icons can now be hidden in the new iOS 5. These icons are found on the home screen of the iPhone, iPad or an iPod touch. The same can be done for YouTube and iTunes. This holds valid for Safari and Mail too in case the user opts to use the third party or any web app instead of these. In this article we will explain how to hide Youtube, Safari, and other default app icons in iOS 5.

How To Hide YouTube, Safari and Other Default App Icons in iOS 5

  1. Tap the screen to go to ‘Settings’.
  2. Tap the tab ‘General’ and after that go to ‘Restrictions’.
  3. Slide through the apps and turn those ‘OFF’ which you want to hide.

Since I have never used the YouTube app, so instead of getting into the hassle of putting it into a folder with other unused apps, I have opted to disable it.

There will be some other iOS features found in the same Menu that can be disabled. It includes features like Ping, iTunes and the install apps ability. This works for disabling the iPad use for the public and also helps in childproofing an iPod touch.


How To Enable YouTube HD Video Playback on iPhone or iPad On iOS 5

You must be familiar with the fact that iOS 5 or 5.0.1 does not allow you to play YouTube Videos in HD. However, it is possible to do so over a 3G network in iOS 5. The man who found out this feature, ‘HQ 3G Playback’ in iOS 5/5.0.1, was Sonny Dickson, where it was disabled by default in the first place. You can turn the HQ 3G Playback feature on or off only by editing a .plist file. No jailbreak is needed for this.

How To Enable YouTube HD Video Playback on iPhone or iPad On iOS 5 over 3G:

Following are the steps to enable YouTube HD Video Playback in iOS 5 over 3G:

  1. Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your computer. Open iTunes then right click on the device from left navigation pane and backup your iDevice.
  2. Download iBackupBot  (Download Link)  and install it.
  3. Launch the iBackupBot, find the backup you took in Step 1 and load it.
  4. Go to: Library/Preferences/ and open the file.
  5. Activate the HD YouTube video playback over 3G and add the code (<key>HD3G</key> </true>) to the file and close it after saving.
  6. Right click the backup, that you altered within the iBackupbot and then restore it.

Whether its iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, it will reboot. The YouTube HD playback over 3G ‘HQ 3G Playback’ would be enabled in your iOS 5 running iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

How to Search Google, YouTube, and Wikipedia From Notification Center Using WeeSearch

If you want to search quickly across Google, Youtube and Wikipedia from one place, WeeSearch might just be the right app for you. WeeSearch is a free Notification Center jailbreak tweak.

WeeSearch works perfectly in iOS 5 version. Although there are some things, which need to be worked out on this widget. From the face of it, WeeSearch seems to be a rushed work as Wikipedia search is currently rough around the edges.

You can check out this video for a sneak preview of how WeeSearch works.

When searching for Google and YouTube, the tweak works fine. However, when searching for Wikipedia, users have some trouble getting the searches.

Along with some missing pieces, there’s no way for you to delete the previous search term all at once. You need to delete the searches by using the delete key on the keyboard.

When searching for a term, you have to search it without spaces, for example the keyword “SteveJobs”. However, if you try to search with the term “Steve Jobs” you will not get anything.  At the same time, you can work out on this problem by using a simple “%20” where the space will normally be placed. Conversely, of course, no one would want to punch in “%20” for space.

Another piece missing on this widget is the tweaks “slim” mode which doesn’t appear on the video above.

In summary, the WeeSearch needs a little more improvement from its developers. It has a great potential, but is currently suffering from lack of some fundamental features in addition to a few imperfections that we have encountered.

If you have tried it, kindly share with us about what you think of WeeSearch.

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